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August 2010

Freebie Found: Oxy Clinical Acne skin care

by Bionic Beauty on 31.Aug.2010

The Bionic Beauty blog finds free samples of beauty and cosmetics products - Freebies of Oxy Clinical Acne face skin care products
Oxy is offering free samples of their new Clinical Acne Skin Care products.

You’ll get a trial size of each of the following products:

  • Clinical Clearing Treatment – for quick clearing of blemishes and pimples;
  • Clinical Hydrating Therapy – face lotion that provides hydration that’s essential when treating your skin with Benzoyl Peroxide or other harsh acne chemicals. If you don’t replace moisture, and use lotion, your face will end up over-producing oil which can lead to more breakouts.
  • Clinical Advanced Face Wash – facial cleanser to remove makeup, cleanse skin. It also has acne fighting ingredients, so be sure to use lotion after each wash… and don’t wash your skin more than twice per day.


New features on Bionic Beauty

by Bionic Beauty on 31.Aug.2010

If you tend to notice details, you might have seen some tiny changes on the Bionic Beauty website lately. I’ve added these new features in hopes of making things a bit easier for you – my readers.
The Bionic Beauty blog adds the Facebook Like article and the Moleskine MSK print article button
The two main changes include the addition of a teeny MSK button and a Facebook Like button.
These items will appear at the bottom of every article on the Bionic Beauty blog; located just below the “Share the love…” social media buttons.

What are the functions of these nifty little gadgets, you ask?
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Bionic Boondoggle: From the land of ferns

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Aug.2010 · 4 comments

Welcome to another installment of the Bionic Boondoggle! It’s basically a “best of” roundup from the perspective of moi.

My snake-bitten ankle is finally healed and I’m doing strengthening exercises daily. I’m still visiting north Florida and loving the area here more and more! For a little get-outta-the-house time, my friend and I headed to the Devil’s Millhopper park in Gainesville. We packed our cameras and a few of our Moleskine journals and sketchbooks. I also wore tall, heavy leather boots. I have vowed never to hike without leather boots on again. No more snake bites for me, thank you very much.

Bionic Beauty visits Devil's Millhopper state park in Gainesville, Florida

Devil's Millhopper - One really old sinkhole!

I love greenery, shade (as you can tell by my paleness), and humidity. The Devil’s Millhopper suited me perfectly. There were teeny waterfalls winding through limestone covered in liverworts, lichens, and mosses. The waters flow through the porous limestone, making its way into the Florida Aquifer, and finally… very very slowly flows towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Bionic Beauty's trip to Devils Millhopper - A trickling stream, limestone rock, moss, liverworts

A trickling stream through limestone rock covered with mosses and liverworts

On our trek, I spotted a few native orchids (unfortunately not in bloom), some really cool aquatic plants, tiny glossy mushrooms, and more ferns than I’ve ever witnessed in one locale. It was truly a fabulous day! The only mar on the day’s perfection… I seem to have dropped/left/lost my digital camera. So if anyone found a pewter and black Olympus digital camera at the Millhopper over the weekend, could ya please send it back to me? I’ll bake you brownies and my famous banana bread! I miss my super-macro mode already for taking makeup shots. Grrrr.

Bionic Beauty at Devil's Millhopper park - Moleskine journals

Writing in my journals + surrounded by greenery = Happiness in Bionic-land.

Anyhow, let’s get on Boondoggling, shall we?
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Bionic Homemade: For our 4-legged friends

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Aug.2010 · 3 comments

Welcome to another installment of Bionic Beauty Homemade with Joycey Couture!

For this week’s edition, I decided to go in a very different direction. I felt it was time to step back, out of the bathroom and away from the mirror, and do something nice for a friend of yours that’s always there for you- your dog!

Instead of publishing this Homemade Doggy Cupcakes recipe at Bionic Beauty, I have placed it on Woo’s pet blog. For those of you who don’t know, The Amazing Woo is Jami’s (aka ‘Bionic Beauty’ here) best doggy pal.

Bionic Beauty's Joycey Couture and her dog Mia share a Doggy Cupcake recipe

Mia and Joycey Couture share their fave Doggy Cupcake recipe!

So head on over to The Amazing Woo blog to check out this yummy cupcake recipe – you can whip it up in about 20 minutes and it’s perfect for doggy get-togethers!

Are there any Bionic Beauties out there that cook for your pets?

Stay Bionic,
Joycey Couture - contributing author of the Bionic Beauty blog

A quick-start guide to Fall 2010 makeup trends

by Bionic Beauty on 29.Aug.2010 · 11 comments

Can you believe that it’s almost September? I don’t know where the time has gone. It seems I was just planning articles for Spring 2010 and now I’m brainstorming ideas for Halloween makeup tutorials. It’s craziness, I tell ya!

Anyhow, as an “intro” to this Fall’s beauty and makeup trends, I’m linking to a guide by Total Beauty. This way until I get a chance to run-down all the trends I see approaching, and how to achieve them without spending a fortune on new makeup (which is fun… but can play hell on your budget!).
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