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Bella Swan’s Twilight makeup for less

by Bionic Beauty on 05.Jun.2009 · 2 comments

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I had the chance this week to write for the e.l.f. Cosmeticself cosmetics blog. Since e.l.f.’s makeup is so amazingly affordable (everything is 5 bucks or under, and almost all is only a dollar), I chose to take a popular makeup look and drag down the cost.

If you’ve seen the Twilight movie, you know that Bella Swan’s makeup look is a sort of “enhanced” natural. The true makeup used by the movie’s makeup artist will run you around $220. I created a similar look for less than $30. I’d love for Bionic Beauty readers to check out the article on e.l.f.’s blog. Please share your thoughts with me!

Regardless if you’re a Twilight fan or not, the look is perfect for everyday!

And don’t miss my previous Alice Cullen makeup tutorial!

Calling all the Twilight fans!! Want to have a bit of fun leading up to the New Moon movie premiere, play with makeup, and possibly WIN some mineral makeup too?

Look no further… Mixology Makeup is holding a Twiology Look-A-Like makeup contest!

Mixology Makeup sponsors the Twiology Twilight Makeup look-a-like contest

To Enter – Go to and order your Official Twiology Character Sample Kit for $2 in our TwiContest Section and choose your character (we need you wearing our Twiology makeup to make it official). Then wait patiently for your little bundle of joy to arrive in the mail. Next, apply your new Twiology Makeup by Mixology to create your character’s look. Your job is to use our makeup to create your character, but you may use your own lip color and mascara. Pictures must be high resolution 300 dpi minimum, you may submit up to 3 photos of your look, one MUST be a headshot. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer, but we do need usable pictures so think about setting, lighting, etc… You may enter more than one character category, but you may only win in one, we need different people for each look.

7 categories – Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Jane, Victoria, and You Choose = don’t see your character? Want to create a look inspired by one of the books, the town of Forks, or maybe La Push? Then grab the “You Choose” sample kit to show us your unique look and tell us the story behind it.

All photos must be received by November 28, 2009 at midnight US ET.
For full rules, judging information, check out the Mixology Makeup Blog!

Don’t forget to check out some of the sponsors either. I can personally vouch for Bella Bejeweled. I have her “Bella Moonstone Ring” in Sterling Silver and it’s JUST like the one Bella wears in the movies. I get compliments on it constantly!

Bella moonstone ring from Bella Bejeweled

Bionic's Bella ring from Bella Bejeweled

Who plans to enter? I’m thinking of a great Forks-inspired look. It started brewing in my mind last night. So I guess I’d better place my sample kit order!

DuWop launches the Twilight Beauty makeup line with Twilight lip Venom

The brand new Twilight Beauty makeup line went live at 12:01am on August 28! For Twilight fans, it’s quite a big deal. For makeup fans, you’ve got some pretty nice options to check over. Only a few items are in stock right now… but you can take advantage of this limited pre-sale to reserve the items you want.

The makeup line is broken into two collections Volturi Twilight and Luna Twilight. Both lines were developed by DuWop Cosmetics. I’ve detailed all the products in each collection below.

I have tried Twilight Venom. It’s basically DuWop’s standard plumping lip venom but it’s packed with a bit more stingy cinnamon. Twilight Venom is also a lip stain. Be sure to shake the bottle well before applying- the red coloring settles to the bottom of the bottle. My experience: I didn’t experience any plumping from Venom; the lip stain color is a really, really bright red– not stop sign red, more like fluorescent red; and the color applied unevenly. I hope some of you have a better experience than I did. Twilight Venom is $16 and is available now.

I adore the packaging motifs on the majority of the collection. The Forks-esque tree outlines are very cool and mysterious. And the Volturi logo is stunning. However, is anyone else reminded of a plain Revlon lipstick when you see the square lip stick?
Read on…

Twilight vampire costume inspired by Alice CullenOk, so I confess, I’m one of those crazy Twilight fans. I adore the books, I’ve read them all several times, I’m anxiously awaiting the movie, and I even have a Team Edward t-shirt. Combine that with my love of Halloween and it’s a costume idea meant-to-be!

I got myself all done up a day early to share my costume-look with my BB readers. And yes, I am fully aware that Alice did not have purple hair.  However, if there is a Cullen that might have purple hair, it would certainly be Alice!

The thing to remember is that creating a costume inspired by one of Forks resident vampires should not be difficult.  Use your creativity. Paw through your closet.  Check with friends and family members for old prom dresses.  It’s really very easy, and you probably have everything you need around your house already.

Costume Suggestions and Tips:

  • Coat your body with sparkly lotion or shimmery powder. I used Spell’s Body Gloss EVERYWHERE! Twilight vamps sparkle in the sun.
  • Since I was going for an Alice Cullen-esque look, I flat-ironed my hair and flipped the ends out. I also added a strip of velvet ribbon for a choker (along with a spider brooch for spooky goodness).
  • For Rosalie, curl your hair into loose waves.
  • For Bella, you could add a faux leg cast and wear a prom dress.
  • Twilight vamps are always well-dressed. You could take a que from me and sport a formal dress… this is my old prom dress and pretend you’re heading to the Forks High School prom. 😉 Or just some nice jeans and a pretty blouse. Don’t forget good shoes!
  • Blood red nail polish on your fingers and toes! Alice Cullen loved this color. (I still have to do my manicure, that’s on this afternoons schedule.)
  • Please remember…no fangs!

Twilight vampire makeup look by Bionic Beauty

Face Makeup Ideas:

  1. Start with super light foundation to make yourself pale.
  2. Dust overtop with shimmery face powder. I used Ferro Cosmetics Rose Crystal Mineral Veil (a light pink powder with silver shimmer).
  3. Put bronzer or cream blush underneath your cheekbones, in your cheek’s hollows to enhance them.
  4. For my upper eyelids I did a normal makeup look with a brown eyeshadow. I used Milani’s Java Bean shadow across my entire lid and then lined my upper lid in the same color.
  5. Underneath eyes, give yourself some “bruise-like” shadows by dusting lightly with a matte purple eyeshadow. It’s okay if it’s a bit uneven. You want to look a bit like a hungry vamp. 😉
  6. Line lower lash line with a sparkly purple eyeshadow and coat lashes with mascara.
  7. Coat your lips with several applications of red lip stain (I suggest Sonia Kashuk’s or Revlon’s Just Bitten). Or use a red lip pencil and blend it in. You want to look “stained”, er, with blood; not like you’ve applied lipstick or lipgloss.

For more ideas for your Twilight costumes… or just some fun reading… visit the Twilight Vampire lens on Squidoo. Be sure you check out the polls on there, they crack me up!

Twilight Halloween costume by the Bionic Beauty blog

The last photograph is me dancing to Monster Mash cause I’m just SO DARN HAPPY it’s Halloween! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Share your costume in the comments below!!

Feathers n’ fangs,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

P.S. Want some more last minute costume and makeup ideas? Check out Bionic Beauty’s series on Halloween!

Twilight’s Eclipse theme pedicure

by Bionic Beauty on 06.Jul.2010 · 8 comments

Many of you know that I am a total Harry Potter and Twilight fan-girl. When movies or books I enjoy get released, it usually involves quite a bit of fan-fare on my part. I have a propensity for costuming, or adding little details to my outfits (like my Bella Moonstone ring), which both liven up the experience for me.

I didn’t see the Eclipse movie on opening night, but I did create this Eclipsed-themed nail art. I drew inspiration from the book cover and added some extra highlights to make it a bit more vibrant.

Bionic Beauty creates a nail art pedicure inspired by The Twilight Saga's Eclipse book cover

Bionic Beauty's Eclipse themed nail art

Read on…