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Congrats Jess, HerbaSway gift basket winner!

by Bionic Beauty on 06.Apr.2010

Congratulations Bionic Beauty blog giveaway winners!Congratulations Jess! She is the winner of the HerbaSway beauty drink gift basket giveaway here at Bionic Beauty!

Thanks to everyone out there who entered. You all made this contest a huge success! And a BIG thank you to HerbaSway Spa and Beauty Drinks for sponsoring this giveaway!

Another new giveaway is launching this week, so stay tuned!!

Reminder to enter: HerbaSway beauty drink giveaway

by Bionic Beauty on 29.Mar.2010

Enter the HerbaSway beauty, spa and health drink gift basket giveaway contest at the Bionic Beauty blogDon’t forget to enter the HerbaSway Spa and Beauty Drink gift basket giveaway at Bionic Beauty! The contest ends at tomorrow night, March 30th, at midnight (US Eastern Time), so please be sure to enter if you haven’t already.

In order to qualify, you need to leave your comment (follow the rules, please) over at the HerbaSway Giveaway article!

Best of luck to all the Bionic Beauties out there!

You’ve read the glowing reviews of HerbaSway Spa and Beauty drinks here on Bionic Beauty, now you have the chance to try them yourself! HerbaSway is giving away a gift basket filled with all seven of their beauty drink concentrates!!

It’s a basket of yumminess, truly. There’s anti-aging, detox, slimming, superfruits – everything to make you beautiful from the inside out!

Enter the HerbaSway Beauty Spa drink giveaway on the Bionic Beauty blog

Win this gift basket from HerbaSway Beauty & Spa Drinks!

How do you enter to win this basket of goodies?
Read on…

HerbaSway Beauty Drink discount and coupon code for Bionic Beauty blog readers

Lately it’s been all about exclusive freebies and shopping discounts for Bionic Beauty readers, and the trend continues!

Bionic Bronnie recently reviewed HerbaSway’s Spa and Beauty Drinks – in short, she adores them. And now, as Bionic Beauty readers, you’ll get 20% off HerbaSway Beauty Drinks through March 3, 2010.

Simply use the coupon code “bionic” at checkout!
Happy shopping!

I think most of us are aware of “healthy drinks”… but I am hoping to write an article that educates you, rather than bores you to tears. My goal is to explain quickly how and why these drinks can benefit you from the inside out; and why HerbaSway’s drink blends impressed me. The amount of effort, passion and cutting edge scientific research that HerbaSway piles into their products, is certainly far-beyond the level an average company achieves.

HerbaSway’s Spa and Beauty drinks are geared to help your benefit your inner (literally) beauty from the use of antioxidants, nutrients, Superfuits and beneficial teas.
What’s a Superfruit you ask? It’s one wearing a cape with a little S on it, of course. All kidding aside, it’s a fruit high in antioxidants but has the added knock-out punch of additional health benefits beyond the realm of antioxidants alone. Your body naturally products antioxidants to fight off free radicals inside and outside your system. However as age progresses, the body’s production of antioxidants slows; and the toxins can begin to outnumber your natural defenses.

The Bionic Beauty blog visits the HerbaSway booth at ISPA 2009 Convention

Herbasway's booth at ISPA 2009 (My fingernails matched their booth colors! ~Jami)

The ingredients in HerbaSway’s drinks can help your body prevent premature aging and cellulite buildup; assist in the production of collagen and elastin; and balance your overall health.
Let’s start with HerbaSway’s “five point philosophy”…
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