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by Bionic Beauty on 18.Jul.2008 · 5 comments

Many companies label their products “organic“, “green” or “natural” but when you actually review their ingredients, you’ll find the organic part is maybe just aloe vera filler or water. Often you’ll see that only 20-40 percent of a product is organically certified. Hmmm… yes, questionable marketing, in my opinion.

Sophyto Organics Skin Energizing Serum

My personal search ended with Sophyto Organics. I have horrendously sensitive skin: breakout prone (to a number of ingredients), daily medications that can speed skin aging, dry patches and an oily in others.

To start, I recommend taking Sophyto’s skin analysis which is available on the Sophyto website. Your results will be personally reviewed; products and a regimen recommended specifically for your skin. And nope, they don’t spam you afterwards. 🙂

Sophyto Organic Deep Pore Cleanser

Here’s my recommended Sophyto routine:
Daily Routine ( Morning):

  • Cleanse skin with Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser
  • Dampen a cotton pad with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive and wipe skin clean
  • Apply Polyphenol Skin Drops followed by Skin Energising High Potency Concentrate, including the eye area
  • Apply Mega Omegas Day Face Moisturiser only on eye area which can be ‘thinned’ with a few drops of Super Bioactive
  • Apply SPF (**Better to find a natural/organic skin care)

Daily Routine (Night):

  • Cleanse skin with Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser
  • Wipe skin clean with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive
  • Apply Polyphenol Skin Drops followed by Skin Energising High Potency Concentrate, inlcuding eye area
  • Finish with Mega Omegas Day Face Moisturizer only on eyes and very dry areas avoiding breakouts

Weekly Routine:

  • Apply Refining Peel Active Mask on cleansed skin with very gentle circular motions. Let it work for 5 minutes.
  • Wipe skin clear with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive
  • Apply Purifying Mask (10-15 min). I recommend you mix this mask with 2-3 fresh ingredients for maximum results. For your skin type the next ingredients are very benefitial: cucumber, aloe vera, honey, berries, watermelon, citrus fruits (just be careful with the sensitive areas), papaya and yogurt (specially on the very dry/sensitive areas). Thiis mask can be applied 2 extra times per week without mixing it with fresh ingredients on the impure areas only, just make sure you alternate applications to avoid using it 3 days in a row.
  • Wipe skin clean with Tone & Balance Super Bioactive
  • Finish with Polyphenol Drops, Skin Energising and Mega Omegas

I had no reactions or sensitivity to any of the Sophyto products. My skin is clear and radiant. I get compliments constantly now on how my skin is dewey, balanced, and *happy*. I know the routine above seems like quite a lot, but I fell into it within a few days. The hardest things to get used to were using the toner to remove the face washes (waterless washing was odd at first but it’s certainly paid off) and the lack of foaming in the washes (no sulfates at all in these products). Remember, that foaming doesn’t mean clean; in fact, it usually means “stripped”, which isn’t good for your skin.

SO’s products are vegan friendly, not animal tested, are certified by ERP (Ecologically Responsible Production) and the Soil Associations Organic Standard. The Soil Association Organic standards took 7 years of research to achieve, so it’s certainly something Sophyto can brag about. Sophyto’s products are all over 90% organic.

For detailed information on all their products, visit the Sophyto Organics YouTube channel or read up at their website. There’s a wealth of info there and don’t forget to take the Skin Analysis. 😉

In summary: I have not been this impressed by a skin care line, ever. Organic or not. Sophyto is my perfect fit.

Sophyto Organic Mega Omegas Lotion
All images are the copyright of Sophyto Organics.


1 Jen July 18, 2008 at 12:38 pm

Wow Jami! That is really exciting. I have been waiting to hear about what you have thought about this line, and now, I have to try Sophyto as well.

Dang it, I am a skincare junkie…

2 gio July 19, 2008 at 8:42 am

This sounds like a great line. I’ll have to look into it now.

3 Nenette July 19, 2008 at 9:12 am

Ohhh… I’m going to have to try this one! I’ve been so unhappy with my natural/organic moisturizer finds, and I’m still on the search. Maybe the search is over. Thanks, Jami! 🙂

4 BionicBeauty July 20, 2008 at 7:58 am

Jen, It *is* exciting! I will add that the products are REALLY long lasting and super concentrated, so a little goes a long way – which helps with the pricey aspect somewhat. When you do a cost per day= it really isn’t too bad. One ampule of the skin drops lasts me about a month; and the same with the high-potency concentrate. And the face washes are still going strong too.

Gio- Let me know if you try Sophyto too!

Nenette, The moisturizer is wonderful! I’ve certainly noticed the skin around my eyes has less lines, is firmer and even better toned (I have sort of “clear” skin under my eyes leading to blue baggies).

Now, since I tried a new foundation the other day my skin is a wreck- clogged pores everywhere. Blech! But I know my SO will get everything settled back down soon.


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