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*Who* is Bionic Beauty?

About the Bionic Beauty blog and Editor & Founder, Jami Neville
Hey! I’m Jami, alias ‘Bionic Beauty’. I am 37 years old, a Capricorn through and through; and share my life with my dog Woo (who has his very own blog), two betta fish, and the most incredible husband in the ‘verse.

I got a late start as a beauty junkie… my initial career years were spent in the engineering fields, and I also now have a degree in journalism. My favorite items to try are indie cosmetics, nail polish!!!!, hair care, and lip balms. I also have a weakness for eyeshadows, kohl eye liner and various lip colors. My number one, must-have beauty item is mascara. I’ve built up quite a cosmetics collection, but vow to use each product up (I absolutely hate wasting stuff!). Or if it’s an unused product, I’ll donate it to my local women’s shelter.

Outside of blogging, my interests include: growing orchids, staring at my lovely MacBook, spoiling my pets, designing web pages, and being a general computer geek. After all, geek is the new chic, right?

Want even more details into my oh-so-exciting life? Read “5 Things About Bionic Beauty“, “20 Questions about the girl behind the blog“, and “10 simple things I love in life“.

That’s me in a nutshell.

*What* is Bionic Beauty?

I founded Bionic Beauty in July 2007 when I realized I was emailing friends & family daily with my makeup and beauty tips. Now I share my sample finds, beauty news, cosmetic product reviews, makeup tips and tricks with readers across the globe.

Since it’s inception, BB has grown into a wonderful and positive community of women. I couldn’t ask for a better group of readers! BB itself has been honored with numerous articles in Reuters, the Chicago Sun Times, the Palm Beach Post, has won Best Blog of the Day, and been nominated for several Blogger’s Choice Awards. Due to this success, I have been featured on Blog Talk Radio, The Beauty Ideal magazine, On Makeup Magazine, and Blogs.com.

As 2010 begins, Bionic Beauty continues the super-popular Friday feature “Achieving Powerful Beauty”. This weekly series has spotlighted guest contributors including models, book authors, CEO’s, and fellow bloggers. It’s truly a must-read for your weekly dose of self-esteem!

Wednesdays are Bionic Asks. Stop by and participate in the community by answering a special question about skincare, beauty, or women’s issues. Share your thoughts because that’s what Bionic Beauty is all about!

Once a month, Bionic Beauty hosts Giveaways which are sponsored by some of my favorite skin care, hair care, and cosmetics companies. For even more fun, all subscribers and commenters are eligible for Random Giveaways!

And, if you’re a Bionic Beauty, please stop by the Gallery and check out other beauties like yourself!  Submit your photo for your chance to shine (and maybe win a box of beauty goodies!).

How do I keep up with the goings on?

To keep up with my articles on Bionic Beauty, subscribe to the RSS feed (which notifies you, via your favorite feed reader, as soon as I post a new article). This is one of the most popular ways that people follow Bionic Beauty – via a ‘news feed’ or ‘RSS feed’. This technology lets you subscribe to the Bionic site and be notified of updates on a variety of tools such as Google’s ‘Reader’ tool, iGoogle, MyYahoo and many other news aggregators and feed readers. (Wanna know more about RSS? Head over to Wikipedia for a great education on RSS!)

Bookmark it – Many of my readers simply bookmark Bionic Beauty or set it as their homepage so that every time they log on they see the latest post.

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By bookmarking Bionic’s articles, you’ll have a way of finding them when you need them, but you also help spread the news about Bionic Beauty a little and help the blog continue to grow. Community is a good thing!

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Achieve Powerful Beauty,
Editor Jami of Bionic Beauty

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