Don’t get lost in the shuffle on other blogs… Bionic Beauty accepts only limited advertising, making your ads stand out to potential customers!

Bionic Beauty was listed as one of the Top 10 USA Beauty Blogs for 2009, is already ranked in the Top 100 Worldwide for 2013, and was featured in the book for Fabulous: All About the Top 50 Beauty Blogs of 2010 (available on!

Advertising Offerings
I currently offer graphic and text advertising spots in the right sidebars, the bottom of individual articles, and the footer of Bionic Beauty.

Advertisements in the sidebars and footer will appear on every page of the Bionic Beauty website.

Ads at the bottom of specific articles will appear only within that specific article; however these ads are visible within the RSS and email newsletter giving you a very targeted, delivered audience.

The standard run for an ad is one month (30 calendar days). To ensure your ad receives target impressions, no more than 3 of ads are displayed on Bionic Beauty at a given time.

Ad topics must be related to makeup, skin care, hair care, women’s health, wellness, or cosmetics (please keep this in mind when considering an ad campaign here).

Please be advised that I do not participate in Pay-for-Post type campaigns. All products reviewed on Bionic Beauty are items personally and thoroughly tested by me. I am completely open in my opinions to ensure the integrity of my articles and complete honesty to my readers. Read the Bionic Beauty disclosure policy.

Blog Rankings and Statistics

  • Daily page views average 4,000 and over 1,000 unique daily visits
  • Monthly page views between 100,000 and 120,000
  • RSS subscriptions total over 1,135 readers.
  • Daily content is also delivered to thousands of readers via mobile web, email subscription, and Kindle/e-reader versions.
  • Alexa rank: 249,666
  • Over 1,500 pages currently on with over 16,900 comments!
  • Twitter followers: over 3,340; Facebook fans: 780+.
  • Additionally, my content has been featured in the Reuters, Chicago Sun Times, The Palm Beach Post, Ohio’s Journal News, AnswerBag, Truth in Aging, On Makeup Magazine and Ladies Home Journal.
  • 99% female audience between the ages of 18 and 65; 75% of readers wear makeup daily; and over 50% use two or more skincare products every day.
  • Please contact me to request my Press Kit which is packed with website statistics, press mentions and awards. For a quick overview, visit the Bionic Beauty Press and Awards page.


A sidebar text advertisement runs $40 (USD) for 1 month (30 days), or $37 per month for prepaid 6-month contracts.

An in-article text ad runs $35 (USD) for 1 month (30 days), or $32 per month for a prepaid 6-month contract.

A 125 x 125 graphic square is priced at $45 for 1 month (30 days), or $42 per month for 6-month prepaid contracts.

300 x 250, banners, half banners, and vertical skyscrapers are available starting at $80 per month. Please email me with your campaign’s requirements and I can provide a quote for you.

Are you interested in a custom advertising campaign? I would be happy to provide you with a quote to meet your specific needs. Such options could include specific graphic sizes, video casts, and the use of social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Payment and Contact Information
Payment is accepted via PayPal or major credit card. Your advertisement will be published within forty-eight hours of cleared payment.
Please use the contact form to get in touch regarding your interest in advertising. Please include the subject matter of your ad, length you wish it to run, any specific questions or considerations and other helpful details.

Stay Bionic,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog