Anti-Powerful Beauty: Axe says “Women get bored easy”

by Bionic Beauty on 03.Sep.2010 · 4 comments

Welcome to another “Powerful Beauty” Friday at the Bionic Beauty blog… This week I am switching things up. Instead of focusing on a positive definition, I’m highlighting a complete opposite example of Powerful Beauty.

Have any other Bionic Beauties been a tad offended by the new marketing campaign for Axe’s Twist and Shift fragrances for men? The Shift body spray’s gimmick is that it supposedly changes scent “through the day”.

The ad doesn’t just hint at its message, it bluntly states that “women get bored easy”.

If you haven’t seen the video, take a 45 second break and have a watch…

Is that the best that Axe’s fancy PR Marketing department could create? An advertisement embracing the fact that women are single-minded, flaky, easily distracted, and also continually flop their eyelashes around?

From the Axe-man’s changing appearances, the ad suggests women can not value a man unless he is constantly updating his costume, putting on a pretense, and playing head games with us.

Do women want a shifty man who is going to leave twisting when he gets bored of putting on an act? Apparently we certainly couldn’t be attracted to a guy is unique and true to his own personality.

This campaign is celebrating an idea of a man who is at root a superficial actor; a player who does not wish to realize a woman’s intelligence or independence. Instead of learning to communicate with a woman past a bad pickup line, Axe-man is relying on his cheap body-spray to seal the deal.

Yep, Axe. You nailed it. Women are unable to remain focused on a man for any time longer than a commercial break, and a guy sporting a shifting body spray fragrance is definitely going to keep a woman hanging on his every word.

After watching Axe’s “women get bored easy” advertisement, what are your thoughts? In my opinion, it’s a gigantic PR Marketing Fail, this Axe ad struck me as the complete antithesis of the Powerful Beauty motto; but I’m completely fine if y’all disagree with my assessment.

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1 Kelly C. September 3, 2010 at 1:27 pm

My first thought when I saw this commercial wasn’t about the content, but about the scent. So it ‘changes’ throughout the day. Like it has, oh, notes? So it essentially does what cologne and perfume have done for centuries instead of being a one note wonder? Heaven forbid : )

2 Bionic Beauty September 16, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Kelly, I didn’t even consider that, but you are absolutely correct. Every fragrance out there has different notes… and each of those notes and layers smell a bit differently on each person.

Their campaign is a load of whoo-ey, in my opinion. LOL! 🙂

3 Alexia Inge September 6, 2010 at 9:18 am

I guess this is one product category that men will buy for themselves, so the Axe (or Lynx as it is know in the UK) campaign is 100% not aimed at women.

A frivolous and mildly misogynistic ad that doesn’t paint anyone in a great light, but panders to a closet laddishness generally harbored by men who only spend $5.60 on their scent. Their Lynx Effect ads were so much better, still painting women as materialistic bimbos, but much more tongue in cheek. Maybe women who like that ‘bathroom cleaner with tops notes of air freshener’ scent are really like that!!

4 Bionic Beauty September 16, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Hi Alexia, Your response is well-stated and absolutely on-point. I am slightly glad to hear that the UK ads were a bit more humorous, where as the USA ads seem to not focus on the humor at all.

On previous holidays, I would occasionally pick up a few Axe gift sets for male friends and family members as stocking stuffers or the like… THAT is definitely not happening this year. Or ever again, for that matter.

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