Anti-Powerful Beauty: Mind Stickers, Fight Club, & a Male POV

by Bionic Beauty on 14.Mar.2017

Dear Bionic Beauty,

My Response:
With such quotable gems as:

“Don’t you want to be a good shape? He wants you with a good shape.”


“Keeping your shape in shape has its rewards. Be a mind sticker.”

who can resist drinking Tab! Right? */snarky sarcasm/*

Oh my. I just cannot count how many things are wrong with this ad. And I’m SO frakking glad that times have changed (mostly)!

Raise a glass of highly-caffeinated, fully-sugared soda with me,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog


P.S. If YOU spot any examples of Powerful Beauty or Anti-Powerful Beauty in your ventures across the interwebs, please feel free to send ’em to me using the excessively awesome and totally handy BB Contact Form!

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