Bionic Asks: Beauty gifts or gift cards?

by Bionic Beauty on 08.Dec.2010 · 5 comments

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he holiday shopping season is here. Television, radio and internet commercials are laden with the things we “must-have”, people are battling for parking spots, and everyone is trying to save money (myself included).

So this week’s Bionic Asks Will you be buying any beauty-related for loved ones this holiday season? Or do you think its better to give them gift cards to buy the cosmetic goodies they prefer?

Happy Holidays from Bionic Beauty

I’m planning on buying close family some small items like my favorite Herbaria soaps and sampler makeup packs. To round it out, I am doing a “homemade holiday” this year. My family and friends are getting loaves of my famous banana bread, personalized journals, and woven collars for their pets. In summary, I guess I’m doing a mix – a bit of beauty goodies and a bit of personal hand made stuff.

However, if I wanted to buy a beauty-related present for someone who I didn’t know very well, I would definitely go the gift card route. Better to let them pick exactly what they want than not use something or have to return it.


1 Tashi December 8, 2010 at 12:46 pm

If I had a job and money to spare this year, I’d be thrilled to buy *anything*, gift cards or merchandise, beauty-related or otherwise. I do already have lots of fabric and materials on-hand, so I’ll be sewing different things for my family and close friends.

If I could, I’d buy some beauty gifts that I know the recipients would enjoy. If I wasn’t sure of their likes, I’d get gift cards to either places like Sally Beauty Supplies, Ulta, or even Target, as those places have a bazillion choices, and the person can pick exactly what they want. The only drawback is, sometimes, one needs to throw in a bit of extra change, if the total goes over the card amount, or if they end up with a wee bit left, and need to use it up. Oh well! For friends and relatives far away, gift cards make total sense for saving shipping costs. Up here in Minnesota, I know different lotions and hand creams would be very much-appreciated this time of year by lots of people. My brother and his wife have given me gift cards to Bath and Body Works numerous times, to which I said, “Woohoooo!!! THANKS! Sweet Pea lotion, here I come!” 🙂

2 Robyn @ Hawaii December 8, 2010 at 8:08 pm

I think I will be doing alot of bath stuff, no make-up because I am not sure to everyone’s favorite stuff.
I was thinking of being creative this year and making my own baskets for bath to give out.
Last year it was kitchen…coco, tea’s, coffee.

How about you Miss Jami? 😀

3 Cristina December 8, 2010 at 11:30 pm

I like giving make-up brushes (…once you see their prices, you will kick yourself for ever having spent 50 bucks on a brush!). But on the receiving end, I like it when people give me products instead of gift cards. I always buy myself the same stuff..some things I would never consider for myself but end up loving. I never would have found out about the Korres line if my cousin had not given me some of their products in a gift bag last they are my favorite bath products!

4 Bailee December 13, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Personally, I would give gift cards rather than buying beauty products for my family/friends, only so they can choose whatever they like. I do go to Bath and Body Works on black Friday to pick up some of my friends’ favorite scents each year, because you can never have too much of something you love! But with things like makeup I would always do a gift card unless they specified a specific product they desperately need. I figure maybe they want to try a new luxury product this year, or decide last minute to try a bold new color 🙂 With a gift card they have the POWER! lol, but like you I am doing a semi homemade Christmas this year, with crocheted scarves, hemp jewelry, chocolate candy, and baked goods. I’m excited this year because “santa” gave me a price limit, and told me to make a Sephora wish list, so on Christmas i’ll have actual things under the tree instead of a gift card, which i enjoy. Also, I think it makes it easier on my parents who never know what’s what in the beauty world… now it’s just counting down the days until I get to open up all my beauty booty! This year I decided to go with products i’ve never tried, such as the Dior Addict lip gloss, and some of Urban Decay’s primer potion. I’m so excited lol, happy holidays to all! And good luck to everyone else undertaking in homemade Christmas goods 🙂

5 Holistically Haute December 26, 2010 at 9:05 pm

Gift cards all the way. I am very picky about what products I like to use and like to pick my own things.Often, I get products that are well marketed and quite popular, but contain ingredients that I don’t like to use or are wrong for my skin tone/type…beauty products are very subjective…better to let people choose their own.

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