Bionic Asks: What are your goals for 2010?

by Bionic Beauty on 13.Jan.2010 · 5 comments

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A new year, and a new decade, is upon us. Many people take this time of year to make resolutions for a lifestyle change, improved health, and goals or accomplishments to achieve for this year.

This week’s Bionic Asks Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? And if so, what were they?

For myself, I tend to usually set a few lose “personal growth” goals.

  • Three years ago, I worked on flossing my teeth at least five times per week- after it became a habit, it was easy to keep up.
  • Two years ago, I vowed to try to overcome my shyness. You might think “she can’t be shy!” but before I started Bionic Beauty, I absolutely hated having my picture taken; and I certainly never considered posting pictures of myself online with no makeup, or wearing a face mask.
  • And finally last year, I decided to take on two things… my “turning year” to start going vegetarian. I have tried in the past due to my love of animals, but my cravings weakened me. By using a “turning year” method, I weaned slowly off of various meat products and now don’t crave cow. I admit, that I am not strict, and I do still eat seafood. I’m aware that I could get some heat for this from true vegetarians, but this method works for me. And I feel so much better!
  • My second goal last year, was to do at least one lifestyle change each month to “live a bit greener” (i.e. more eco-friendly). Some of my changes included: cloth napkins for dinner’s at home (instead of paper), becoming more knowledgeable on what my community allows in that nebulous recycle bin, switching to CFL bulbs in all my fixtures (including my fish tanks), going vegetarian, stainless steel water bottles and even using them at Starbucks (did you know they’ll give you a discount on your coffee if you bring in your own mug?!?), and a power strip with an “off” switch- I plug all my gadget chargers into this strip, and then turn it off when not in use to prevent the small power drain that occurs when chargers are plugged in, but not even charging a device.

Now it’s your turn to share, Bionic Beauties. What are your goals for 2010?


1 Beth January 13, 2010 at 10:40 am

AH you had to mention flossing! I brush my teeth obsessively with a sonicare but I still need to add in the flossing bit(according to my dentist anyway. I think she’s just mean 🙂 ).

Well since I haven’t really made many real resolutions I guess I’ll resolve to floss on a regular basis. Glad to hear it wasn’t hard for you to keep it up that gives me some hope!

2 Bionic Beauty January 13, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Hi Beth, It did take me a good few months to get the flossing “habit” down, but now it’s pretty much second nature. 🙂 Definitely a doable goal! Let me know how you do!

3 Jessica January 13, 2010 at 12:15 pm

I am with you on the veggie way of eating. Even more so after watching The cove if you have not seen it do.

I grew up with a somewhat “hippie” mom. So I have cloth diapered my children and worked hard to use reusable everything. A big plus to reusing stuff is the quality is so much better. I would much rather use a dish towel to clean up a spill in my home rather than reaching for a paper towel.

This year I would like to begin to grow a ton of veggies in my new garden. I would like to have one that lasts all year long rather than just seasonal.

4 Bionic Beauty January 13, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Hey Jessica, I’ll definitely have to check out The Core. What set me onto the veg way was seeing a video that a friend sent me about horses (I’ve long been a horse-crazy gal) and slaughter, and then that same night I watched an episode of Torchwood called “Meat”. That was it. I couldn’t look at meat for weeks after that day.

I’m in total agreement with you about the reusable stuff. I’ve even stopped using those wipes for cleaning counter-tops, dusting, etc. I just keep old T shirts for dusting, spritz with water & orange oil and i’m off and dusting. 🙂

I started a garden last year- tomatoes, strawberries, sweet potatoes, avocados, sea grapes, and a few herbs. Mu suggestion is to start with a few plants and just add to your collection slowly. That way it builds the habit rather than being “all at once” and more of a chore. For seed fruits, just save your seeds from the ones you buy at the grocery. For potatoes, save a few from the grocer and let them sprout, put in a bit of water, then when they root move them out to your garden. Gardening is another of my hobbies. 🙂 I started a compost bin last year. That worked GREAT!!!

5 The Cheap Chick January 13, 2010 at 4:36 pm

I set goals for the New Year – to learn how to podcast, and to get set up on YouTube with Cheap Chick videos (about frugal living, of course). You were my inspiration, of course!

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