Bionic Asks: What’s your go-to makeup look?

by Bionic Beauty on 17.Dec.2008 · 7 comments

Bionic Asks - Makeup and beauty question seriesI know I have a quick, personalized makeup routine that takes me absolutely no thought to create. It’s basic, yes, but it also suits me for most days.

Do you have something similar? A makeup creation that’s your “signature look”?

Here’s what I use on a normal day in Bionic-land…

  • Light application of foundation. My makeup of choice is a relatively new discovery for me… Purely Cosmetics “Pure Silk Mineral Foundation” in California Blonde. LOVE it!
  • Deep brown eyeshadow. I’m wearing Milani’s Java Bean, but some days I switch it up with L’Oreal’s HIP pigment paints in Gutsy (very, very similar colors).
  • Of course, I coat my lashes with my favorite mascara: Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear in Ultra Black.
  • Lip color in a neutral color such as Bobbi Brown’s Aubergine lipgloss (which I’m wearing in the picture) or another fave L’Oreal’s Color Juice Stick in Chai Love You (for days I want less shine).


Now it’s your turn. Share your signature look, colors or products in the comments below!


1 AJ December 17, 2008 at 12:30 pm

Before my routine… I know you try to use products that are good for you, but what about products that are good for animals? I.e. I’ve noticed you use a lot of products (L’Oreal, Maybelline, etc) that test on animals. What’s your reasoning? There are lots of cruelty free products out there that are also great for humans. Just wondering. (I’m not attacking by any means, I’ve just noticed that sometimes people who like organic prods will also like cruelty-free ones).

Annnnd for me:

Jane Iredale powder foundation (which I also use as concealer) in Amber

Clinique blush in a color whose name I forgot…

Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara in blackest black

Urban Decay 24-7 glide-on eyeliner in Zero (black)

Urban Decay eyeshadow for evenings

DuWop Pinky Lip Venom (sheer, light pink sparkly color)

And I also can’t leave the house without combing my eyebrows!

2 Jen December 18, 2008 at 9:32 am

I love your look Jami!

My basic routine starts with primer, I have become fond of BE’s Prime Time. I know it has a ton of dimethicone, but it makes my skin feel so wonderful, and my foundation glides on effortlessly while using it.

Next foundation. MUF Invisible Cover Foundation is my new heart-throb.

Eyeliner. Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon, Covet, or Gunmetal.

Eyeshadow. Just a sweep of UD’s Midnight Cowboy.

Mascara. Clinique’s High Impact, pretty good volumizing mascara.

Blush – The Body Shop’s Nature’s Minerals Blush in Pink Quartz.

Powder – Make Up For Ever HD Powder (amazing stuff)!!!

Lips – Quick line with UD’s lipliner and fill in with a tinted gloss from SallyB Skin Yummies (B Organic Lip Gloss).

This basic routine usually takes me about 10 minutes tops!

3 Aging Backwards December 18, 2008 at 10:14 am

Hi beautiful Jami! I’ll reveal my makeup routine later, but here are 2 fave finds: Shadow Shields (keep your cheeks clean while applying shadow, especially those loose mineral shadows!)

Also, L’oreal’s new tubes mascara! Awesome! Site takes too long to load, but you can buy L’oreal @ any CVS, etc.


4 BionicBeauty December 19, 2008 at 9:48 am

Hi AJ, Welcome to Bionic Beauty! Don’t worry about it… I never thought you were attacking and what you asked is certainly a very valid question. I certainly *try* to use animal-friendly products in my routine whenever possible. I rarely use Maybelline or Revlon for instance. Actually I don’t think I have anything in my cases from them. But I do have L’Oreal as you point out.
The reasoning is just because I am a beauty blogger. Since I try to post reviews of anything I can get my hands on, and I hope to provide a well-rounded review set on Bionic Beauty, sometimes I cannot avoid testing out products that do test on animals. It’s unfortunate, I totally agree.

I will say that I test more indie brands (both myself and Jen at Mythbuster Beauty) than most blogs do. I adore the indie brands so much more than the mass-market brands. And I’m switching my brush collection to synthetics. And I’ve also become a pescitarian this year (eat veggies and fish). While that’s not the best, I find my body does best with at least some fish-protein than going full vegan (due to some lovely health conditions I have).
Speaking of animal friendly indie brands- have you checked out My Lip Stuff and Herbaria Soaps? Lovely brands. I can’t stop raving about them enough. 🙂

I love your choices from Urban Decay!! Again, welcome to BB and I truly hope to see you around here more often!
Jami (aka BB)

5 BionicBeauty December 19, 2008 at 9:51 am

Jen- Thanks for sharing (and the compliment!)! I am so anxious to try Makeup for Ever. And even more so now that I’ve read that you’re using it.

Jackie- Shadow Shields sound cool! I’m so old-fashioned… I just put a huge dollop of loose powder under my eyes to catch all the fallout. Ha! And I have a tube of L’Oreal’s new tubes mascara to try. They sent it to me last week… but I haven’t even unwrapped it yet. Sigh… I need an assistant to help me test all the new brands lately!!


6 Nenette December 20, 2008 at 10:43 am

Love your look… so natural! 🙂

Okay, my go-to look now just has 2 steps:
1. Physician’s Formula Plump Potion (in Black) on curled lashes
2. Aveda LipTint (in CocoPlum) on lips

I’m on the lookout for a great natural/organic concealer… it’s just so hard to get a lot of the nice stuff here in my Canadian city. I can always order online, but I usually want to try it before buying.


7 The Cheap Chick December 21, 2008 at 10:18 pm

My one standard that I use every day, without fail, is Phys Formula Organic Mineral Powder Loose Powder Foundation. It is the best stuff I’ve found for coverage and longevity on my naturally oil skin!

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