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by Bionic Beauty on 26.Aug.2009 · 11 comments

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This week’s Bionic Asks
In this ick-onomy, we’re all trying to save a bit of cash. So what are your must-have salon services? The ones you absolutely, come heck-or-high-water go without? And which ones have you changed to doing at home?

Lately, my only mandated salon trip is for my hair cut. Every 6 weeks I need a trim or my ends get a bit scraggly. But I have even found a way to cut costs there. Instead of going to my normal salon when I just need a trim, I head to the local low-cost hair cuttery. It ends up to be about every other visit. So I’m saving approximately $25 every other cut- and that adds up over the year. I take those savings and stash them away. When I have enough saved, I indulge in a massage!

As my regular readers know, most everything else I’m a “do-it-yourself” type of gal. I color my own hair, add highlights when I want, do my own manis and pedis, and mix my weekly face masks. My skin is so sensitive I actually don’t trust most spas or salons with it.

Now it’s your turn… what do you scrimp n’ pinch in order to afford from the salon?


1 Yvonne C. August 26, 2009 at 1:19 pm

I would say my salon service must is a pedi, just cuz I am way to lazy to do it myself. I color my own hair, and have stopped going to high-end salons when my hair needs a trim. I don’t really do anything drastic to my hair, as far as styles go, so a trim at the more affordable salon does the trick.
Hope all Bionic Beauties are having a great Humpday!!!
Take Care!!

2 Stacy August 26, 2009 at 4:07 pm

I don’t pay for any of it if I don’t want to… I do my own pedicures if I want one, my sister-in-law does all my hair projects (cuts, colors, highlights), and most facial treatments break my face out so I avoid them. I do pay the money for the hair color but total it is $6.50 at Sally’s.

3 karissa August 26, 2009 at 6:29 pm

I had my hair colored and highlighted at a salon once. I about peed my pants when i got my bill. then I started letting this high end salon do it, but the person doing it was an apprentice. It was free, you only had to tip. But it tooooookkkk ffffooooorrrreeeevvvvveeerrrr! I would get there at 5 and not leave until after 10. But cut color and highlights for free? sweet. and they always did a good job too.

Now, I do everything at home. My hair is long, so I trim the ends, and I go in for a good cut about 2 x’s a year. No color, decided I wouldn’t color anymore until I need it from being gray.

I never like how they do my nails or feet, so i have to do those at home. Now maybe if my mom is paying…. but they always go too short, or miss polish in a spot. =)

And I will NEVER ever ever let anyone by me touch my eyebrows. I am so scared they would mess them up. I don’t really do anything special to them, but I just can’t trust them to anyone else! I probably have gotten more compliment son my eyebrows in my lifetime then anything else. Even the carpet cleaning guy. And the anesthesiologist. random, very random. sorry for the novel. chatty kathy.

4 Luci Weston August 26, 2009 at 6:31 pm

It took me ages (and a few REALLY BAD haircuts) to find my hairdresser and he is so good that I just can’t give him up no matter what the salon charges! His cuts are so good they last even past the time I should have another appointment…And he listens to what I want which make it worth every penny.

5 Kirsten P. August 26, 2009 at 6:38 pm

I’m a do it yourself type of gal! I color and style my own hair, shape and paint my own finger nails, and do my own makeup! I guess you can say that I’m my own hair and makeup professional….

6 Hana August 26, 2009 at 9:04 pm

I do my own hair coloring and nails, and I wax my eyebrows myself. The only thing I have to go to a salon for it hair cuts, since my hair is wavy and layered and I don’t think I can handle it myself (I cut my roommates long straight hair for him). But I actually recently started going to a beauty school around here to get my hair cut by the students. I’ve done it twice now and it’s turned out great both times, plus it only costs $5! It’s a risk, but I’m willing to take that risk, as long as I’m not going for a really drastic change.

7 Victoria Bouras August 26, 2009 at 9:38 pm

I get my hair cut about 4-5 times a year, I like my hair long so I just need it trimmed. I sometimes have my friend which went to school to be a hairdresser but is a stay at home mom cut my hair, She prefers my hair wet to cut it so I always get a free wash and its fun to catch up with her and she can take as long as I want to tweak.

For highlighting I go to a local salon, I only get my hair highlighted about twice a year, cuz its so expensive and I’m on a budget. But it always looks so great the first couple weeks after I get it done.

For eyebrow waxing I go to the salon once they start to look scrubby, a couple seconds of pain for very nice eyebrows!

And for nails, when I need something fresh and new, I go to my local salon which charges $7 for a paint, shape and a nail design. I love going there cuz the polish stays on forever and looks 10 times better then I could do!

8 Bella B. August 26, 2009 at 10:19 pm

Okay, so I never do waxes/plucking professionally. I also would do my own haircolor at home. And I’d even try cutting my own hair if it came down to it — I already do my own “bang” trims. But I honestly think that ever since I’ve had a professional massage, that I HAVE to incorporate that into my beauty routine – as a matter of personal health!!!

I get so tense in my shoulders after just a few weeks — no matter how much stretching I do on my own. And while I adore my husband, he just can’t massage my back the way a pro can (and we’ve even taken a massage lesson together). So while it may seem excessive to some, that’s my ultimate “must have!”

9 Briana August 27, 2009 at 11:00 am

hmmmmmm I live soooo remote I really ave limited option’s…

I have long, thick, naturally blonde hair. If I could find a good stylist, I’d go, but I haven’t yet, so maybe 1-2 times a year I’ll try out a new stylist to reshape my hair…….I’m afraid to highlight because I don’t want to damage it….but I want to..

Nail’s, I’ve had 1 pedicure/manicure in my life. LOVED it! I usually do my own coloring, but just read about French manicure’s and the gorgeous claaic look has Me itching, so now this question has made Me want to go get French toes and Finger’s.

I tried having my brow’s waxed and shaped, they do grow full and dark, but also hide a scar. She made them horrible, uneven, ripped all of my eyebrow’s off, NEVER EVER AGAIN. I use my own Anastasia Stencil, fill it it with a acne spot treatment pencil by clinique, then remove the stencil and pluck the rest. Then I rub in the spot treatment and the Salicylic acid prevent’s and bump’s or breakout’s.

I’d like to wax my stache but I’m lucky enough to be blonde and really don’t have too much of a problem…according to the salon, but then one day in the sunlight my bf said I looked like my cat, We both had “whisker’s” oooohhhhh grrrrrrrrr

I broke out horribly from the salon wax, empantaigo, they never returned my call, I never went back, icky.

Plus, it all add’s up. If I lived it the city, I’d go more. The Deer and the Mountain Lion’s really don’t care, but I do! Now I think I’ll gorw my leg’s out like a caveman to “get” even with my bf for the “Whisker’s” remark! That would be tooo funny.

GREAT Question! Love reading the answer’s, your guy’s are so helpful


10 Robin of August 28, 2009 at 7:56 pm

I have never colored my hair at home so for me that is a must for a salon visit. I also only use organic hair color, so I sort of have to go to the salon. I have considered buying a box of organic dye from the natural foods store, but I am afraid I will come out with purple hair (lol.) To save money at times I will give myself a pedicure, but nothing beats the pampering of a salon one. Also, to cut costs, I let my eyebrows grow a bit (I used to have them pencil thin) and tweeze them myself. I just found a great place for affordable yet stylish haircuts, the Aveda Institute. Beauty schools can be great for saving money…just have to be careful (and lucky) to get a stylist who knows what he/she is doing!

11 Tashi April 7, 2010 at 4:44 pm

I *have* to have a salon do my haircuts, since I could never do it myself. I have short curly hair, layered. I’ve tried a discount salon, but NEVER again. They never did it right, and after the last butchering of my hair, I went back to the higher-end salon I’d been going to for years. I was in such a situation, I needed to cut corners and save money (like a lot os folks), by going to the discount salon. But I still had to go back every couple of weeks, I wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t *look* as good as I could have. Yes, I should’ve stopped sooner. But you live and learn. Eventually. 🙂 Now I manage it somehow, going to my old place. I’m much happier, and the cuts last a good long while. I only have to go about every 8 weeks.

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