Bionic Asks: When did you start wearing makeup?

by Bionic Beauty on 12.May.2010 · 4 comments

Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series
I thought it would be fun this week to take a little trip down Memory Lane…
This week’s Bionic Asks
How old were you when you started wearing makeup? And when did you actually become more interested in makeup, skincare and the like?

I’ll kick things off-
I started wearing makeup in my Freshman year of high school. Back then it was mostly a bit of CoverGirl’s Clear Complexion powder (the kind that smelled like, and contained, Noxema ingredients) and CoverGirl’s concealer in a lipgloss-wand-type tube. I was prone to acne, so concealer dotted on top was a must for me. My eyes usually just had CoverGirl mascara on my lashes; and I would occasionally wear some brown Revlon eyeshadow, or Wet n’ Wild’s black eyeliner pencil. I didn’t do much experimenting back then. Can you tell I was a CoverGirl fangirl? My mom was, and still is, a Clinique fan. She would usually give me some of the stuff from her Clinique Bonus Time bags. That was always an exciting time of the year for me, but I still kept things minimal. My mom tried and tried to get me to wear more eye makeup. She succeeded for one of my Proms, but before the night was through, I ended up using Qtips to wipe most of it off; I just didn’t feel like me.

I didn’t really start experimenting with color and different makeup looks until my mid-twenties. I found color! I took classes from local makeup artists and dermatologists whenever possible and started branching out to different brands: L’Oreal, Physician’s Formula, Sonia Kashuk and Milani became my favorite brands. I still struggle with occasional acne- mostly from testing so many different skin care regimens and makeup brands for Bionic Beauty. Thankfully now I have the knowledge to clear up my skin, detox it, know which ingredients I need to avoid, and what my skin actually needs to be healthy.

One thing that hasn’t changed in my makeup routine over the years… my love of nail polish. As far back as I can remember, I always kept my toes painted. I consider them my mini artistic canvases!

And now it is your turn, dear readers. Think back a bit, and share your makeup history!

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