Bionic Asks: Did you watch the Oscars?

by Bionic Beauty on 10.Mar.2010 · 4 comments

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This week’s Bionic Asks

From the brilliant red carpet, to the shiny statuettes… glamourous dresses, Clooney’s sly smiles, Doogie Howser’s sequined jacket (he’s still, and always will be, Doogie to me!), and the funny-ish banter between Baldwin and Martin… Did you indulge in a few hours in front of the telly to watch the Oscars?

Kate Winslet at the Oscar'sMiley Cyrus at the Oscar'sCharlize Theron at the Oscars

I admit I haven’t seen Precious or Hurt Locker. I did see District 9, Star Trek and Avatar… which shows my propensity for geeky movies. Star Trek and Avatar floored me (in a good way), District 9 did not. I mentioned my District 9 dislike over Twitter and most respondents agreed with me; however one woman started calling me names (including certain female body parts). Hmmm… pent up angst, anyone?!? I just moved along. Really, people, don’t we all know we can have our own opinions at this day and age? And may I add, she WAS NOT acting like a Powerful Beauty. Nope, nuh uh. *wink*

I thought Kristen Stewart looked absolutely gorgeous. She kept the makeup to her usual smokey eye and didn’t wear ten pounds of jewelry- which would have been way over-the-top for someone her age. If I have to make one tiny negative remark, I wish she’d stand up a bit straighter.

Zoe Saldana at the OscarsKristen Stewart at the Oscars

All the dresses this year were beyond amazing in my opinion. Sarah Jessica Parker’s was a slight miss for me, but just because I think she can certainly pull off something more form-fitting, and the yellow color didn’t do her skin tone justice.

My other top favorites- Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren (she is SO perfect!), Cameron Diaz, Lt. Uhura (sorry, I can’t remember her real name but she was in both Star Trek and Avatar. I just looked her up- Zoe Saldana!).

Director Kathryn Bigelow at the OscarsSandra Bullock at the OscarsCameron Diaz at the Oscars

As for the show itself, good overall. But the snubbing of Bea Arthur and Farah Fawcett during the memorial montage miffed me. Farah’s death upset me more than Micheal Jackson’s (Ok, please don’t throw tomatoes at me, I just grew up a Farah Fawcett fan!).

So who did you love and dislike (let’s try to be nice and remember that *hate* is a strong word, Bionic Beauties), what movies did you route for, and if you didn’t watch the Oscars what did you do instead?


1 Stacy March 10, 2010 at 10:25 am

I didn’t watch… We watched 2012 instead and I have to admit that it made me a little sad.
I did look at the dress pics yesterday and I agree about SJP. Not the best decision. I liked J Lo’s dress, but I can’t decide if I really loved any.

2 Bionic Beauty March 10, 2010 at 10:42 am

Stacy, What a funny coincidence! My sister watched 2012 on Oscar night too. What were your thoughts? I haven’t seen it yet, but plan too.

3 Tashi March 10, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Nah, I didn’t watch the show. I did other things around the house. As for the fashions, I always like seeing what anyone wears, famous or not. I saw clips and newspaper pieces on the ceremony. I thought Sandra Bullock looked AMAZING. Her vintage dress was beyond bee-yooooo-tee-full. Her hair and makeup were spot-on, making her look soooo great, very glamorous. She’s one of my all-time favorite actresses.

I heard on the radio that Farrah and Bea were left out. How sad!!

4 Bionic Beauty March 10, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Tashi, I admit I didn’t *watch* the whole time… I actually sat down and hemmed two pairs of new jeans. 🙂

Sandra is one of my favorite actresses as well. I love that she mixes funny, silly movies with serious ones in her career. What’s the use being an actor/actress if you don’t have fun with it?!

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