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by Bionic Beauty on 20.Feb.2010 · 1 comment

Once in awhile I like to take a few minutes to remind all my readers that you can follow and interact with Bionic Beauty in more places that just right here on the blog itself.
Follow the Bionic Beauty blog on Twitter and other social media

You can virtually stalk me (although, let’s keep it not creepy, k?) and the Bionic Beauty blog on…

  • Twitter – I post links to all my blog articles, as well as non-beauty related free samples, funny quotes, thoughts on my favorite sports teams/movies/TV shows/new nail polish, and sometimes even a bit of nonsensical chatter.
  • If you’re a Facebook nut, become a fan of the BB Facebook page. I post heads up on upcoming articles, hints on uber-secret free samples, and of course the standard pictures and FB interactions.
  • MySpace – I’m on here too, so friend me if you’d like. There are widgets on the page to follow my Twitter, the latest articles on Bionic Beauty, and some background info.
  • YouTube – While my YouTube video making hasn’t really been a priority, I am hoping to expand into a few videos each month on tutorials, talking Powerful Beauty, and maybe even some product reviews.

Sheesh. Looking at that list, you’d swear I was a social butterfly. But really, I’m just a gal who loves to write, and write, and write. And design web graphics in between.

Lest I forget… you can now take the Bionic Beauty blog along on your Kindle or other e-reader device! It costs 99 cents to subscribe, but all articles will auto-download to your device as soon as I post them. (Feel free to leave a review of the site too, hint hint! Pretty please?)

Subscribe to the Bionic Beauty blog on your Kindle or e-reader!

Bionic Beauty's on the Kindle!

And finally, just a quick little “Yeah! Bionic Beauty moment”…

The Chicago Sun Times picked up Bionic’s article on the new cosmetics vending machines that have been spotted in shopping malls!

Feel free to leave links to your social media profiles below. Or when you friend, fan, whatever me, I’ll definitely return the favor. Woo hoo!

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