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by Bionic Beauty on 08.Nov.2008 · 1 comment

Welcome to the FIRST EVER “Bionic Boondoggle”!

Readers who have been with me for awhile might remember that I used to participate in large “link roundups” on some weekends. However, they never really sat right with me. And so, the Bionic Boondoggle was born… I’ll post these on the weekends and there will be a bit of news, maybe a photo or two, maybe a song- basically whatever made me go hmmm… through the week. These items are purely and 100% chosen by moi; no outside influence.

I’m going to start by sharing these tidbits of goodness twice a month and maybe increase it from there. Let me know your thoughts on this new feature since YOU, Bionic Beauty readers, are who this whole blog is for.

First off, a Bionic Beauty reader sent in this photo of her daugher’s Hunter and Sydney. Sydney is sporting the uber-fashionable pink Bionic Beauty T-shirt. Doesn’t she look powerful! 🙂

Bionic Beauty Tee Shirt found in nature!

Enter to win a $100 holiday gift certificate from the brand new eyebrow cosmetics line: The Model Brow. Deadline is November 28th, 2008.

LooseLips NY is giving away a FREE Sugar Lips Scrub with all purchases over $40.

Mythbuster Beauty gives out the details on the upcoming Sephora Friends and Family discount. This one’s for all you shopper’s out there! (You know who you are…wink!)

Did you know OPI has lip colors? Yeah, the nail polish company. Huh, me neither. Girl Gloss gave me the heads up.

This photo (by nyki_m) is my favorite of the week. It made me think of all the blatent lies on cosmetics packaging these days and once I looked at it for awhile… I really started to think about the Powerful Beauty articles (on Friday). This little girl reading the beauty book and how our society can sway young girls and teens with the “perception” of what is beautiful.
Anyhow, it made me think, so I wanted to share it with you all.

My favorite quote this week:
“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” ~Peace Pilgrim

Do you ladies have any fun finds from around the web this week? Anything strike your fancy?

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1 Mythbuster Beauty November 8, 2008 at 12:35 pm

Hunter and Sydney have outstanding bionic beauty! I think adding the weekend boondoggle roundup is a great idea. Giving them a personal touch by selecting them means much more to me, and I will be much more likely to read them.

Love that photo of the week too. Being a momma of many little girls, we are very sensitive about this subject. Here’s to positive thoughts and eliminating stinkin’ thinking!

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