Bionic Boondoggle: From the land of ferns

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Aug.2010 · 4 comments

Welcome to another installment of the Bionic Boondoggle! It’s basically a “best of” roundup from the perspective of moi.

My snake-bitten ankle is finally healed and I’m doing strengthening exercises daily. I’m still visiting north Florida and loving the area here more and more! For a little get-outta-the-house time, my friend and I headed to the Devil’s Millhopper park in Gainesville. We packed our cameras and a few of our Moleskine journals and sketchbooks. I also wore tall, heavy leather boots. I have vowed never to hike without leather boots on again. No more snake bites for me, thank you very much.

Bionic Beauty visits Devil's Millhopper state park in Gainesville, Florida

Devil's Millhopper - One really old sinkhole!

I love greenery, shade (as you can tell by my paleness), and humidity. The Devil’s Millhopper suited me perfectly. There were teeny waterfalls winding through limestone covered in liverworts, lichens, and mosses. The waters flow through the porous limestone, making its way into the Florida Aquifer, and finally… very very slowly flows towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Bionic Beauty's trip to Devils Millhopper - A trickling stream, limestone rock, moss, liverworts

A trickling stream through limestone rock covered with mosses and liverworts

On our trek, I spotted a few native orchids (unfortunately not in bloom), some really cool aquatic plants, tiny glossy mushrooms, and more ferns than I’ve ever witnessed in one locale. It was truly a fabulous day! The only mar on the day’s perfection… I seem to have dropped/left/lost my digital camera. So if anyone found a pewter and black Olympus digital camera at the Millhopper over the weekend, could ya please send it back to me? I’ll bake you brownies and my famous banana bread! I miss my super-macro mode already for taking makeup shots. Grrrr.

Bionic Beauty at Devil's Millhopper park - Moleskine journals

Writing in my journals + surrounded by greenery = Happiness in Bionic-land.

Anyhow, let’s get on Boondoggling, shall we?

Ever wondered what some of those big long tongue-tying names are in your hair care products? Beauty with Brains gives you a 101 course on Polyquaternium 11.

Beauty and Fashion Tech uses skin care products from Arcona and Peter Thomas Roth to help cure her adult acne.

My dog “The Amazing Woo” is holding giveaway for a pet goody bag from Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul. Y’all should enter if you’ve got any furry friends!

E.l.f. Cosmetics has some pretty fabulous discount codes that are available for a very limited time. Shop quickly, everyone!

Lastly, here is my favorite quote from the book I finished last week…

“Truth can never be defeated, Sarene. Even if people do forget about it occasionally.”
~King Eventeo in the book Elantris by Brandon SandersonBionic Beauty reads the book Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.

Have you spotted anything wonderful around this web this week? Feel free to share sales, favorite quotes, funny videos, or whatever strikes your fancy in the comments section below

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