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by Bionic Beauty on 21.Nov.2012

I just wanted to post a quick note about my other blogs… 

If you’re a dog lover, check out my pup’s blog:  Woo’s hobbies include chasing squirrels, pouting, snuggling with as many pillows and comforters as he can herd into one area, singing (I’ve got some videos of this finally – coming soon!), and more pouting while asking for food.

It's a Woo under a comforter

My other blog is  It’s basically a catch-all of things Bionic.  Food, geek stuff (like my mobile interface designs), inspiration, humor, etc.  Bionic Style is definitely a work-in-progress; and the layout/design is not really much of anything yet – but I’d still love for you all to visit me over there!

Keep on, keepin’ on,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog


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