Bionic-onomics Tip: Keep your highlights this summer!

by JoyceyCouture on 30.Mar.2009 · 4 comments

Here’s a quick tip for summer hair care from co-blogger, JoyceyCouture!

Love your new highlights, but hate to ruin them because you can’t resist a dip in the pool? Problem solved! And I bet the solution is already in your vanity cabinet.

Simply fill a spray bottle halfway full of tap water and drop a tablet of Alka Seltzer in. Let the tablet dissolve and… Voilà! You have your highlight protection in your hands (not to mention, it also helps aide your hair from drying out while you’re out in the sun’s harsh rays).

Just spray the mixture through your hair and let it dry; and as soon as you’re through with the pool- run clean, non-chlorinated water through your hair.

Do you have any secret tips for perfect summer hair?

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