Bridal Makeup DVD for Theme Weddings

by Bionic Beauty on 07.Sep.2008

Want a unique makeup look for your wedding or upcoming party/event? I’ve just had the chance to watch The Bridal Collection DVD, Volume 2, produced by You Are the Super Model. This DVD details 5 step-by-step makeup tutorials for fantasy theme weddings: Gothic Bride, Medieval Bride, Renaissance Bride, Gothic Mother of the Bride, and Fantasy Bridesmaid.

Theme Wedding - Bridal makeup DVD

While the finished looks may be too strong for some people, the great application techniques that show exactly what type of brush to use, where to apply the makeup, even what type of stroke are very commendable. The makeup artist stays out of the way so that you can actually see how she is applying the makeup. One of the most aggravating things I notice on makeup tutorials is the artist blocking the model during the application process. If you can’t see what color they are applying and where; how are you supposed to learn?

You can adopt and vary the fantasy looks by toning down the color layers (i.e. use less colors, lighter eyeliner, use shimmer eyeshadows instead of glitter, and no false lashes) to make them wearable for everyday; or let your creativity run free and add brighter colors for a party or Halloween. Experiment and have fun!

While the effects on the DVD are nothing fancy, the application techniques again make up for that short coming. can really be helpful. It’s also refreshing that these DVD’s use real women for their tutorials. There are women with short hair, blonde hair, round faces, thin faces, freckles, happy lines (I refuse to call them frown lines), etc.

The Bridal Collection DVD Volume 2 (Fantasy Weddings) is $29.99 and available online at  Other videos include: Bridal Collection Vol. 1 (Traditional looks); Halloween Collection (Vol. 1); Holiday Collection; and The Heartbreaker Collection.

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