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It’s always fun for me to look at other people’s Top-Rated or Best-of lists whether they are beauty related or not. Maybe it’s one of my odd quirks, but I enjoy comparing what I think should have made the list, and what items make me go “hmmm”. Total Beauty recently indulged my quirkiness by releasing their “Top-Rated Nail Polish” list…
Top-Rated Nail Polishes

Total Beauty readers’ ratings make up this list of top-rated nail lacquers.

Top-Rated Nail Polishes

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I really have to disagree with some of their mentions. I like most all nail polish brands well-enough, especially if they have a unique color. However, Revlon coming in at seven was just bizarre to me. I always want to love their polish but every bottle I buy is too thick, and takes forever to dry… and yes, even if I apply a fast-dry topcoat it still takes forever and a day. I have tried thinning it too, but I really think nail polish formulas should come out ready-to-apply. I shouldn’t have to fiddle with a formula to make it work.
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A Bionic Pedicure Process with Barielle

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Aug.2009 · 4 comments

Even though I use my PedEgg at least twice a month, I still end up needing some extra scrubbing and foot care during my at-home pedicures. For my last few pedi’s, I’ve been testing out a few lovely Barielle products.

Here’s my current at-home pedicure process…

After using my PedEgg, I trim my toe nails straight across and file any jagged edges. Then I grab the Barielle 60 Second Mani-Pedi. 60 Second is a salt scrub in an oil based. It’s scented with bright citrus. I recommend sitting over your kitchen sink or on the floor in your bathtub during this portion. Scoop out a dollop of 60 Second and take your time scrubbing down your feet, ankles, heels, and nail cuticles. While you’re at it, go ahead and do your hands too! And I found this scrub works great on dry knees or elbows too.

Bionic Beauty blog reviews Barielle 60 second Mani Pedi scrub

Rinse well. There will still be an amount of oil left on your hands and feet but it sinks in quickly. Be VERY careful walking though. The oil combined with smooth feet can cause you to slip!
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Shades of green (nail polish) from Barielle

by Bionic Beauty on 28.May.2009 · 11 comments

If there’s one color nail polish lines seem to neglect, it’s green. Yet every blog I visit, I find some mention of people seeking green polish, the blogger/editor longing for green polish and even friends asking me where to find a good green polish.

Barielle listened.

Barielle produces a line of nail polishes called Shades. With an exceptional range of colors to chose from, it’s no wonder this line is a hit. They’ve also got some lovely manicure, pedicure, lotions and scrubs that I’ll be reviewing in the upcoming weeks.

First up, Sweet Addiction. A true teal cream with no glimmer, Sweet Addiction bubbled a bit for me on first application. But I was also trying out a new base coat. Once I put it over my normal base coat (CND’s Sticky) everything was peachy.  Wear was okay- I got my normal 2 days. But the color is great for summer. My camera does not shoot teals and turquoises very well. They always pull too blue. So expect this color to have more green than shown in the photograph below.

Decadence is actually more of a turquoise than my camera shows. There a touch more green to the color. It’s still a pretty shimmery color and very similar to Sally Hansen’s super hard-to-find Honeydew polish. Decadence is actually the closest dupe I can find.

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