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My conditioning secret? BioInfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm for hair. I picked up a tub at my local Walgreens a few months back. I use it weekly as a deep conditioning treatment while in the shower and every time after I color my hair. Forget those tubes of conditioner that come packaged in hair color boxes, this balm does the trick better! It seals color and hair cuticle and brings hair back to life.

bioinfusion conditioning balm

It comes packaged in a HUGE tub, use a quarter size amount for deep conditioning and rub through hair. The scent is fresh, clean and mild; yet covers that distinctive “hair color” smell. BioInfusion is a knock-off of Biolage and in my opinion performs just as well, and for a much better price!

Definitely one of my must-have items in the shower.

Purchase a tub of BioInfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm at for $14.99 for 16.9 ounces.

7 Summer Hair Tips

by Bionic Beauty on 17.Jun.2008 · 13 comments

Bionic Beauty shares easy tips for summer hair

Before hitting the sun, surf, or pool this summer don’t just apply SPF to your skin, be attentive to your hair’s special needs as well. Summer humidity, pool chemicals, ocean breezes and salt can take a major toll on your locks.

Here’s a list of my hints for summer haircare:

  1. Slather on conditioner or a hair serum before entering the pool or ocean. By filling your hair’s cuticle with conditioner, less chemicals will seep in. This is particularly important for blondes. Serum will act as a barrier and assist your hair in sloughing off all the baddies. (Bionic’s recommendations: BioInfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm, International Orange’s hair cream, or Herbaria’s Jojoba Healthy Hair).
  2. Use a UV protectant spray prior to and during sun exposure. It’ll help prevent color fade- making your hair color, natural color and highlights stay bright and true. Pack your UV spray in your beach/pool bag and reapply whenever you add more sunblock to your body. (I recommend: pHormulate’s 3a Leave-in Treatment).
  3. Leave-in Conditioners work exceptionally well to prevent wind tangles (when applied before) and help you gently comb out knots (when applied after). I don’t leave home without it. (Recommendation: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist – it even works *great* on your skin!)
  4. Embrace surf styled hair and texture. Summer should be laid back. Don’t worry so much about fly-aways and bends. Use a hair paste or wax to gently twist your hair into “ropes” (run your fingers through after 10 minutes to loosen the waves) or gather hair loosely into a pony tail or headband. Which brings us to number…
  5. When using elastic bands to tie back your hair, avoid the ones with the metal clasps. The metal can catch and break fragile hair, and can even react with pool chemicals!
  6. Save yourself pain later and apply sunblock to your hair part and ears. Trust me.
  7. When all else fails, or for an impromptu outing, grab your ball cap and rock it. Guys love it.

What’s your pre-sun ritual for hair care?

The BioInfusion Naturals hair care line, available at Walgreens, is made to resemble the Aveeda and Biolage brand shampoos and conditioners.

Looking to save a few bucks, I picked up the 3 oz trial sizes of BioInfusion Naturals Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. The scent is blissful (as long as you like minty stuff- which is super for summer)! This blend is meant for Normal to Fine hair.

The price is certainly not painful, $14.99 for a huge 33.8 oz container.

Shampoo: Functioned perfectly. No buildup, didn’t weigh by fine hair down, and refreshed my scalp. My hair wasn’t frizzy, fried, or oily after use. I would recommend this shampoo for summer or if you hair does not need too much extra moisturizing.

Conditioner: Again, the smell is really nice and relaxing. Texture in palm was a little more fluid than I am used to (not thick and creamy) and hence, I had a hard time working it through my mid-length hair. I didn’t really feel that it did a good job on conditioning my slightly dry hair either. I ended up with a slight case of fly-aways the morning after use. If you need a SUPER-LIGHT weight conditioner, this may fit your bill.