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Color Club

Color Club’s Fall 2010 nail polish collection is divided into two groups of seven polishes each. One group is “Every Shade of Indulgence” and the other group is “Colors so Luxe, They’re Covered in Diamonds” – both are under the main collection “Untamed Luxury”. I’m starting my swatches and reviews with the Indulgence collection first… Diamonds will be up as soon as I have time to paint my nails another seven times.

Now, let’s get down to the new nail polish colors…

Pretty in Platinum

Bionic Beauty review and swatch - Color Club's Pretty in Platinum nail polish

Color Club's Pretty in Platinum nail polish

Pretty in Platinum was a bit too pale for my very light skin tone. I think it would look stunning on someone with a tan or a deeper skin color. The polish’s pigmentation is incredible – especially for such a light color! I applied only two coats and it went on as smooth as can be. The shimmery, metallic effect would be especially perfect for evening holiday parties.

Wild Orchid

Bionic Beauty review and swatch - Color Club's Wild Orchid nail polish

Color Club's Wild Orchid nail color

Wild orchid is a gorgeous color. To me, it’s an elephant gray; or perhaps reminiscent of wet cement. The color is complimented with very teeny same-colored shimmer. The only drawbacks are: 1. It was a bit slower to dry than other Color Club polishes (compared to this collection and the brand as a whole) ~and~ 2. I did have to apply my typical three coats (that’s my usual when swatching nail colors) since Orchid wasn’t as pigmented as the others.
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It’s always fun for me to look at other people’s Top-Rated or Best-of lists whether they are beauty related or not. Maybe it’s one of my odd quirks, but I enjoy comparing what I think should have made the list, and what items make me go “hmmm”. Total Beauty recently indulged my quirkiness by releasing their “Top-Rated Nail Polish” list…
Top-Rated Nail Polishes

Total Beauty readers’ ratings make up this list of top-rated nail lacquers.

Top-Rated Nail Polishes

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I really have to disagree with some of their mentions. I like most all nail polish brands well-enough, especially if they have a unique color. However, Revlon coming in at seven was just bizarre to me. I always want to love their polish but every bottle I buy is too thick, and takes forever to dry… and yes, even if I apply a fast-dry topcoat it still takes forever and a day. I have tried thinning it too, but I really think nail polish formulas should come out ready-to-apply. I shouldn’t have to fiddle with a formula to make it work.
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Bionic’s Olympian pedi nail art

by Bionic Beauty on 25.Feb.2010 · 15 comments

I got into the Olympic spirit these last few weeks and decided an Olympic themed-pedicure would help even further. I used Vancouver’s Olympic color scheme of greens, blues, whites and teals blended with arches, mountains, a various other graphics. Of course, since toe nails aren’t the largest canvas out there, things came out a bit squishy… but I think you still get the idea due to the colors.

Bionic Beauty's Vanouver 2010 Olympics inspired nail polish pedicure

My "Bionic" Olympian nail polish colors

So here it is…
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This holiday glitter nail polish is everywhere. It seems the two main nail trends this winter are at complete polar opposites. It’s either super matte or blinged out glitter.

Color Club’s new Wonderland collection is no exception- green, silver and red glimmer will brighten any jewel-toned dress.

Color Club's Under the Mistletoe green glitter polish

Color Club's Under the Mistletoe nail polish

Under the Mistletoe is a celery-green which is refreshing instead of the usual forest greens. The polish is slightly cool toned and was my favorite of this collection.

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I love Halloween. For me there’s Halloween and 364 other days in the year. And when Halloween combines with cosmetics- it becomes pure enjoyment. Color Club’s new Master of Disguise nail polish collection takes the classic Halloween colors of white, purple, orange and black and adds a spin. The collection is 4 mini bottles that are perfect for mixing and matching nail looks all through October.

Color Club nail polish swatch - Abracadabra

Color Club nail polish in Abracadabra

Abracadabra is my favorite of this collection. It’s an orange jelly with huge circles of orange glitter. I simply adore it! Even though the glitter is large, even without a top coat this polish is smooth. It applied quite nicely and dried super quickly.
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