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Dashing Diva

It’s always fun for me to look at other people’s Top-Rated or Best-of lists whether they are beauty related or not. Maybe it’s one of my odd quirks, but I enjoy comparing what I think should have made the list, and what items make me go “hmmm”. Total Beauty recently indulged my quirkiness by releasing their “Top-Rated Nail Polish” list…
Top-Rated Nail Polishes

Total Beauty readers’ ratings make up this list of top-rated nail lacquers.

Top-Rated Nail Polishes

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I really have to disagree with some of their mentions. I like most all nail polish brands well-enough, especially if they have a unique color. However, Revlon coming in at seven was just bizarre to me. I always want to love their polish but every bottle I buy is too thick, and takes forever to dry… and yes, even if I apply a fast-dry topcoat it still takes forever and a day. I have tried thinning it too, but I really think nail polish formulas should come out ready-to-apply. I shouldn’t have to fiddle with a formula to make it work.
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Pauley Perrette is a Dashing Diva

by Bionic Beauty on 22.Feb.2010 · 8 comments

I don’t often post about celebs, mostly because they are covered in every itty bitty aspect of their lives on twenty-gazillion other websites. But this caught my eye… you see, Pauley Perrette is one of my favorite actresses. For those of you unfamiliar with her, she plays Abby, the techie-genius-perky-goth-forensic scientist on NCIS. Plus she can sing!

Pauley Perrette from NCIS wears Dashing Diva nail polish in The Big Apple

NCIS actress Pauley Perrette wearing Dashing Diva's The Big Apple nail polish.

Anyhow, at New York fashion week this month, Pauley sported bright candy apple red nails courtesy of Dashing Diva’s nail polish in The Big Apple.

Pauley Perrette from NCIS wears Dashing Diva nail polish in The Big Apple

The Big Apple - a classic red nail polish

The Big Apple is described by Dashing Diva as “a true opaque red”. It’s a cream with no shimmer or glitter.

Dashing Diva nail polishes are available in their NY salon’s but also on for $8.

I swatched four of the other Dashing Diva Manhattan collection nail polishes back in May 2009. Mulberry Street and Wall Street were definitely my favorite colors.

Any other fans of Pauley out there? Or NCIS fans in general? How about those red nails?

Dashing Diva nail polishes have long been on my “must-try” list. This Spring, they released a brand new collection “Manhattan” with over 100 polishes (yep, you read that right). Each polish is set to envoke thoughts of the infamous New York neighborhood.

First up, my personal favorite- Mulberry Street… a deep, slightly frosted wine-purple with golden duochrome shimmer. The color is simply fabulous!
Dashing Diva Manhattan collection nail polish in Mulberry Street

Show Off is a bubblegum pink cream. This will make a nice color for summer pedicures! I had some issues with pigmentation on this color. My photos show 4 coats and it’s still not quite bottle color.
Dashing Diva Manhattan collection nail polish in Show Off

Upper East Side is a muted neutral creme and I like the color for day wear or conservative offices. However, I had a ton of cuticle drag, chipping, and clumping with this color. I’m not sure if my bottle was a fluke, but this was not fun to apply. At. All.
Dashing Diva Manhattan collection nail polish in Upper East Side

Wall Street is your standard classic red cream. Nothing to off-the-wall here. If you look closely, you’ll see that I had application issues with this color as well. Cuticle drag, weight lines at my nail tips, flow issues into my cuticles, and it chipped that same night.
Dashing Diva Manhattan collection nail polish in Wall Street

Overall, I have to say, the colors were nice and a 100+ collection is quite impressive. However, the application issues didn’t sell the brand for me. For eight bucks, I’d rather buy OPI or Sally Hansen Salon nail polish.

Each bottle is $8 and available at or their NYC salons.