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Product Review: DuWop igels

by Bionic Beauty on 17.Oct.2009 · 7 comments

Bionic Beauty blog review - DuWop igel variety pack

These are a clever little invention called DuWop igels. There are 3 sets of gelatin based eye covers that store in the refrigerator and go over your eyes for about 10 minutes. The gel packs are infused with essential oils and they conform to the shape of your eye to reduce puffiness.

Igels specifically address dark circles with Grapefruit extract and Arnica; fine lines with Vitamin C, Collagen and Green Tea; and reduce swelling with Chamomile. Igels are reusable a few times and will last a bit longer if you don’t fuss with them (i.e. don’t go using them as squishy stress-relievers…).

I think Igels are a great idea, I really do. But I wish they held and distributed a little more product and lasted a bit longer. Overall, I do have puffy eyes from my sinuses and really enjoyed the cooling sensation of DuWop igels in the morning.

DuWop iGels are $25 at for a variety pack of the Orange, Purple, and Blue iGels.

Testing Twilight Beauty’s New Lip Venom

by Bionic Beauty on 22.Sep.2009 · 12 comments

As you know the makers of DuWop cosmetics recently launched a full line of makeup inspired by the Twilight book and movie series. One of the key items is the V Lip Venom.

One of my online buddies sent me a sample she found in the Twilight magazine… and now I can share my thoughts via a review!

Twilight V Lip Venom lip stain by DuWop and Twilight Beauty

Twilight V Lip Venom lip stain by DuWop and Twilight Beauty

V is actually a bright red lipstain that, like most lip stains, lasts quite long on your lips. However, this stain is not for the mild-at-heart. It’s very red. Red-red!

The whole Lip Venom thing has always baffled me. It doesn’t seem to plump lips, but V in particular stings. Is the the whole pleasure and pain thing? And if so, why in our makeup? But I digress…

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DuWop launches the Twilight Beauty makeup line with Twilight lip Venom

The brand new Twilight Beauty makeup line went live at 12:01am on August 28! For Twilight fans, it’s quite a big deal. For makeup fans, you’ve got some pretty nice options to check over. Only a few items are in stock right now… but you can take advantage of this limited pre-sale to reserve the items you want.

The makeup line is broken into two collections Volturi Twilight and Luna Twilight. Both lines were developed by DuWop Cosmetics. I’ve detailed all the products in each collection below.

I have tried Twilight Venom. It’s basically DuWop’s standard plumping lip venom but it’s packed with a bit more stingy cinnamon. Twilight Venom is also a lip stain. Be sure to shake the bottle well before applying- the red coloring settles to the bottom of the bottle. My experience: I didn’t experience any plumping from Venom; the lip stain color is a really, really bright red– not stop sign red, more like fluorescent red; and the color applied unevenly. I hope some of you have a better experience than I did. Twilight Venom is $16 and is available now.

I adore the packaging motifs on the majority of the collection. The Forks-esque tree outlines are very cool and mysterious. And the Volturi logo is stunning. However, is anyone else reminded of a plain Revlon lipstick when you see the square lip stick?
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DuWop Special Editions for BCA

by Bionic Beauty on 25.Oct.2008

Check out these adorable new releases from DuWop!

A pink shimmer cult-fave Lip Venom packed in a shimmery pink clutch. Perfect for evenings out. I think this would look super cute with jeans or a even a little black dress for upcoming holiday parties. Plus you’re showing your support! $24.00 at Beauty.comDuWop Breast Cancer Awareness gift set with Lip Venom.

DuWop Breast Cancer Awareness gift set with Lip Venom

Then there’s the Limited Edition Ice Shimmer eye shadow. This shadow is a medium rose pink with slight shimmer. It’s a perfect nude for layering, perking up your eyes after a late night, and can do double duty as a light blush if you’re in a pinch! $18.00 at Beauty.comLimited Edition DuWop shadow for Breast Cancer BCA.

Limited Edition DuWop shadow for Breast Cancer BCALimited Edition DuWop shadow for Breast Cancer BCA

DuWop Lip Palette for Breast Cancer Awareness

by Bionic Beauty on 05.Oct.2008 · 3 comments


DuWop’s new LipLingo Pink is a sleek lip palette containing a rose lipstick and four wonderful ways to top it: a subtle gold frost, a pale pink shimmer gloss, a rich pink sherbet tone with sparkle and a pink tinged clear balm with a high shine. DuWop has joined in the breast cancer fight by donating 20% of proceeds from Liplingo Pink to breast cancer research and the betterment of women living with cancer.

Price: $32, Available at or Beauty.comShop DuWop cosmetics.