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Fit Flops

Bionic Asks: Your thoughts on Fit Flops

by Bionic Beauty on 10.Jun.2009 · 30 comments

Bionic Asks - Makeup and beauty question serie

This week’s Bionic Asks

Fit Flops launched in the USA in the summer of 2007… back then it was crazy hard to find a pair.

Since then, I’ve spotted a few women walking about town in the Fit Flops. But I still wonder, do they work? Have any Bionic Beauties tried these shoes? What’s the comfort factor and have you noticed a difference in your leg tone?

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Fit Flops for leaner legs?

by Bionic Beauty on 05.Aug.2007 · 4 comments

We all want long, lean, svelt legs, do we not? A new shoe designed in the UK promises to deliver such.

Fit Flops - women's sandals that exercise your legsFit Flops - women's sandals that exercise your legs

The all new Fit Flop!

These women’s sandals are appropriately called Fit Flops and are taking the world by storm. You can order your Fit Flops from Bath and Body Works stores for $45 a pair (although a few months ago the flops were only $30), and be sure to call to verify their inventory status before driving a long distance. I heard tales of one lady who drove 200 miles to grab a pair! The shoes are also available online at BlissFit Flop exercise sandals at Bliss. UK and international Bionic Beauties can find stores by visiting

The Fit Flops are available in Red and Black, with Bliss and a few UK retailers stocking the new Light Blue version.

Since everyone’s having a heckuva hard time getting ahold of these, the verdict is still out if the shoes actually help you get in shape or if they just make you want to walk more.