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Makeup Look: Green Meets Gold

by Bionic Beauty on 17.Nov.2009 · 4 comments

I was feeling a bit shimmery today, so I created an equally appropriate shimmery eye look. Of course, I had to work in my favorite green eyeshadow – Milani’s Clover.

Bionic Beauty Eye Makeup Look - green and gold shadow

Green & Gold eye makeup look

To create this look I used….

  • Flirt Cosmetics’ Lash-a-delic mascara in Boogie Brown (not my favorite mascara, but it is one of my few “true” browns)
  • L’Oreal HiP cream paint eye shadow in Steely
  • Milani eye shadow in Clover (check your local Walgreens and CVS)
  • Anastasia Eye Lights pencil in Lace Shimmer
Green and Gold eye makeup look

Milani's Clover, HiP paint in Steely, Flirt mascara and Anastasia shimmer pencil

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Off to the Blue Lagoon makeup look

by Bionic Beauty on 08.Sep.2009 · 8 comments

I recently got a few of the Milani Runway Eyes Wet/Dry eye shadows from CVS and absolutely adore them. They can be applied as a soft wash or deep color. In the package it looks much too glittery for day wear, but once you rub the top layer off, it’s not nearly as shimmery! I highly recommend these shadows (and you can’t beat the price).

I grabbed a few of my other favorite cosmetics and created a makeup look around Milani’s Blue Lagoon.

Deep Blue eye makeup look

Blue Lagoon makeup look by Bionic Beauty

The makeup I used:
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Product Review: Flirt’s Lash-a-delic Mascara

by Bionic Beauty on 02.Aug.2009 · 2 comments

Flirt Cosmetics Lash-a-delic mascaras - review by the Bionic Beauty blog

Bionic Beauty reviews Flirt's new mascaras

The Flirt Cosmetics Lash-a-delic mascaras were sent to me for a test and review. I received the Groovy Blue and Boogie Brown.

First off, I adore the packaging. Bright pink, brilliant yellow, metallic caps- perfect! And at first I thought the application was pretty nice. No flakes, clumps or smudges through the day. But after a month or so (of not even continuous wear) the formulas started to clump. My lashes wouldn’t separate when I applied the mascaras and things would just get worse if I tried to comb them out. More frequently than not, I’d have to start the entire eye makeup application over again. Ugh. Not fun and certainly not a time saver.

Anyhow, the colors are very pretty. Even though the Groovy Blue looks bright in the container, it dries to a deep navy on your lashes. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing a blue, but it just gives a brighter pop to your eyes.

Even though I enjoyed the colors and packaging, I think there are much better mascaras on the market– and with better longevity so you won’t have to buy a new tube every month.

Flirt Cosmetics are available at Kohl’s stores in the USA.

Tidal Wave Makeup Look

by Bionic Beauty on 27.Jul.2009 · 15 comments

Tidal Wave makeup look with blue gel eyeliner and navy mascara

Tidal Wave makeup look by Bionic Beauty

As women, we often shy away from color in our eye makeup. Browns and neutrals are great and certainly have their place. But it’s also nice to spark things up a bit! In this makeup look, I’ve used a shimmery blue gel eyeliner and navy mascara to create an easy makeup look that’s still peppy!

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