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Hampton Sun

Bionic Review: Hampton Sun’s Shimmer Spray

by Bionic Beauty on 03.Aug.2009 · 3 comments

When we gals head out in barely-there summer clothes and swimsuits, we want our skin to look so healthy it glows. Well, just like everything else, you can now fake it. I’m not talking about a sunless tanner- I’m talking about that special shimmer.

Hampton Sun’s Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray is awesome! You shake it up really well, then spritz on your arms, legs or whatever skin is showing. It leaves you with a soft glimmer. The reflected light helps hide imperfections and tone differences giving you a more even appearance. I use it whenever I’m out n’ about in a skirt or shorts.

Hampton Sun Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Pearl - review by Bionic Beauty blog

Bionic loves Hampton Sun's Serious Shimmer spray!

There are two color varieties- in the picture above is Pearl which is the variety I have. The other is Bronze and just like it says, is more of a golden base. I would suggest picking the color that best suits your skin tone. If you’re warm toned, go with the Bronze, and for cool toned gals, grab the Pearl.
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Hampton Sun SPF 15 Gel

by Bionic Beauty on 23.Apr.2009 · 3 comments

My goal for Spring 2009 was to finally find a face sunscreen that I loved. Something that worked well under makeup, was light enough for daily use and of course, did not cause a break out. Since I am allergic to glycerin, that later was easier said, than done. I’d estimate that over 90% of sunscreens I researched contained glycerin and other harmful (and unecessary) ingredients such as parabens.

In the coming weeks, Joycey Couture and I will be bringing you reviews of the best SPF products we could get our hands on. Joyce will be reviewing those that contain glycerin (since most of you lucky ducks aren’t allergic like I am) and I’ll be reviewing the first.

Hampton Sun Care SPF 15 gel sunscreen

First on Bionic’s block, Hampton Sun Care’s SPF 15 Gel.

Hampton’s tagline is “Smart, serious sunbathing” which I quite like. They seem to realize that most women still enjoy their time inthe sun even though we know it’s not good for our skin. Their SPF products step in to protect our skin while we play in the sunshine.

The SPF 15 Gel is marketed for face and body, but after researching the ingredients, I realized it should be quite good under makeup. The formula contains dimethicone which is usually the primary ingredient in makeup primers. Hampton’s Gel did not disappoint. One spray pump into my palm and then I smoothed it over my face (I applied it over top of my normal moisturizer). My skin was smooth and completely ready for makeup application. It even helped hold my makeup in place during Florida humidity!

This sunscreen really impressed me. The scent is a bit floral and certainly not the common chemically smell (although I confess to love the ones scented like coconut). Hampton Sun SPF 15 Gel will be in my makeup case and purse all season. I finally feel that I’ve found my staple sunscreen!

Hampton’s SPF 15 Gel is $35 for a 4 ounce spray bottle. Available at (in the USA) or Saks Fifth Avenue (in Canada). I’ll have a few more reviews of Hampton Sun products soon, stay tuned!

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