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Jeune D’age Organics

Congrats Jeune D’Age and YBF Skincare winners!

by Bionic Beauty on 19.Aug.2010

Congratulations Bionic Beauty blog winners of the YBF Skincare and Jeune D'Age Organic skin care giveaways!Congratulations to the following Bionic Beauties…

Yvonne C is the winner of the Jeune D’Age Organics skincare setup. Seriously- her mail box is going to overflow! Her primo prize pack will include their famous skin care originals and some of their latest releases including Jeune’s plantable Serum box, Marin toner, facial cleanser, body lotion, pumpkin peel, and Argan oil.

For the YBF Skincare giveaways on Twitter, the entries totaled a walloping 2,131! The winners are as follows:
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Remember to enter the YBF Skincare and Jeune D'Age Organics skin care giveaways at the Bionic Beauty blog.Don’t forget to celebrate 3 Years of Powerful Beauty with the Bionic Beauty blog by entering the YBF  Skincare and Jeune D’Age Organics skin care giveaways!

The Jeune D’Age Organics skin care set contest ends tomorrow night, July 30th at midnight (US Eastern Time).

The last of the month-long YBF Skincare giveaways ends today, July 29th at 3:00pm (US Eastern Time). Don’t forget, the YBF giveaway is unlimited entries – so even if you haven’t participated up until now, you can get plenty of entries in today!

Tell your friends and family too – the more, the merrier! Plus it’s always nice to meet some new Bionic Beauties. Good luck everyone!

Continuing Bionic Beauty’s “Three Years of Powerful Beauty” celebrations, one of my favorite skin care brands, Jeune D’Age Organics is sponsoring an absolutely wonderful giveaway worth over $165!!

Enter the Jeune D'Age Organics Skincare giveaway at the Bionic Beauty blog

One lucky Bionic Beauty is going to win a Jeune D’Age skincare gift set that includes:

  • Serum box – Packed with CoQ10, DMAE, Hyaluroan, Acai, and Vitamin A. This facial serum is not only good for you, but it’s packed in a cool box that you can plant and it’ll sprout wildflowers! Don’t miss Bronnie’s full review of Jeune’s serum.
  • Marin Toner – Both Bronnie and I LOVE this toner… it’s packed with lots of extra product and lasts forever!
  • Facial Cleanser – Not only does it cleanse but it also gently exfoliates. Check out Bionic Beauty’s review!
  • Body Lotion – This body lotion will protect and soften your skin this summer and is also perfect for fall!
  • Pumpkin Peel – Jeune’s Pumpkin Peel is one of their newer products. It’s designed to help with skin cell turnover and clear out pores.
  • Argan Oil – Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you know Argan Oil is one of the new leading skin care ingredients. Many companies use diluted amounts in their products, but not Jeune D’Age. Their Argan Oil is 100% Pure!

How do you enter to win Bionic Beauty’s Jeune D’Age Organics skin care giveaway?

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Celebrating Three Years of Powerful Beauty!

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Jul.2010 · 19 comments


appy 4th of July, and Happy Anniversary to!
Celebrating Three Years of Powerful Beauty at the Bionic Beauty blog!
It may sound a bit odd for me to “wish my own blog a Happy Birthday”, but I think of July as the month when I, and some of my most favorite cosmetics brands, get to turn the tables and give back to you!

I could get a bit mushy here remembering when Bionic Beauty first started- back when the only readers were my sister and me; and now there are over 1,100 of you. (sniffle, sniffle!)

In any case, it’s high time I let you know about the big events surrounding Bionic’s “Three Years of Powerful Beauty” celebration…
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Now that you all know my fave beauty products from 2009… it’s time to share some super-special news about a few of the brands!

Jeune D'age Organic Skin Care

In honor of being named on of “Bionic’s Best of 2009”, Jeune D’age Organic skincare has offered Bionic Beauty readers an EXCLUSIVE discount! Enter “BestOfBionic” (without the quotes) at checkout and you’ll get 25% off your order! Sorry but it’s only open to USA residents. This discount expires on February 14th at midnight US ET.

Seriously ladies, this line rocks. You won’t regret it. Bionic Bronnie and I are both hooked. Have questions on what you should try, or the products themselves? Leave your questions in the comments section below and I’ll get them over to Jeune D’age (or just use their contact form). Happy shopping!!

Enter to win Perricone's High Potency Eye Lift serum from Purely Cosmetics' blogEnter to win Perricone's High Potency Eye Lift serum from Purely Cosmetics' blog

Besides having wonderful makeup, Robyn from Purely Cosmetics also runs a beauty blog. She’s currently holding an amazing giveaway
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