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JK Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd’s Mannequin Skin enhancer

by Bionic Beauty on 27.Jan.2009 · 2 comments

Does Jemma Kidd’s new JK for Target line attract you? It did me. I grabbed up the Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer at first sight!

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything that gives me a subtle ‘glow’. Since I’m pale (and actually like being pale), I don’t use bronzers or self-tanners. Quite often blushes and skin enhancers over power me or just scream SHINY.

JK Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Enhancer

Here are my thoughts after a thorough Bionical testing…

  • Be sure to shake well.
  • If you’re prone to breakouts, this may not be for you. Test in the store first!
  • Probably not the best product for darker skinned gals. I think it might show too much on your skin.
  • Be aware that it does seem to settle in wrinkles and skin creases. Hmmm… didn’t like this aspect. At. All.
  • Smells nice! Fresh, fun & slightly fruity. Not makeupy.
  • A bit expensive. I’d rather go with Spell’s all natural lotions and enhancers, or grab a good mineral makeup ‘veil’ for the same price and get more product. The JK tube is less than an ounce!!
  • Packaging is brilliant. I said this in my previous post about the tinted moisturizer. It really draws me in.
  • It’s great to be able to pick up a higher end product at my local Target. I abhor malls and traditional department stores, so this aspect is very attractive to me.

There you have it! If you’re interested in the JK Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Enhancer, you can pick up a tube (0.84 ounce) at your local Target store (or on for $24.

Jemma Kidd’s Pro Finish Moisture Tint makeup

by Bionic Beauty on 21.Dec.2008 · 4 comments

Back when I first heard the news of Jemma Kidd doing a line of makeup for Target called JK, I was beyond thrilled. And I still am. After a thorough test of the Pro Finish Moisture Tint with SPF 20, basically a tinted moisturizer, I’m here with my thoughts…

Jemma Kidd's Pro Finish Moisture Tint makeup

First off, I LOVE the JK Jemma Kidd packaging. Black with red flowers and trendy rock star looking makeup? Yes, please! Moisture Tint comes in a 1.01 ounce tube. You just squeeze out the makeup and apply. It’s currently only offered in 3 skin tones (fair, mid, and mid-dark). I have the mid and I’m actually very pale, so I’m not sure the 3 offerings will cover everyone.

The scent on this makeup sort of turned me off. It’s very “makeup-y”, and actually feels much heavier than any tinted moisturizer I’ve used in the past. This makeup is more like a traditional foundation. It blends very well and held up superbly in the Florida humidity. It does contain some oil (see my test results here), so I’d be sure to check the ingredients for items you might be sensitive to. Overall, it’s a great makeup and if you need a bit more coverage than a traditional tinted moisturizer, this may be the one for you. And you gotta love the fact it has SPF 20! I’m not sure the high-ish price tag is worth it though. If I’m to spend that much in the future, I’d probably rather get my favorite mineral makeup or a department store foundation.

Find the JK Pro Finish Moisture Tint at Target stores or (it runs $28).

Photograph is the copyright of JK Jemma Kidd and Target.

Are your cosmetics really oil-free?

Dear Bionic Beauty,
So many liquid foundations and face lotions claim to be oil free these days. Yet, when I’m shopping and read the ingredients it seems like there *are* oils in there. Is there a way to really tell if I’m getting something that is oil free?
I appreciate your help.
Olive Oil 😉

Well, Olive Oil, you are smart to pick up on the labeling that has become such a fad in the cosmetics industry. See, the real problem is that the labeling on cosmetics (makeup, hair care, skincare, etc) is not regulated. Companies can spin all sorts of misinformation on their labels and containers. You really have to be an educated consumer in order to know what is a good buy and what isn’t.

In regards to the “oil-free” claims specifically… there’s a pretty simple test to check if something you have in your stash is truly oil-free. Place a pea-size dollop of the product on a sheet of plain white copy, typing or writing paper (medium to light weight is perfect). Then wait. Let it sit overnight preferably, but you should start to see a change within a few hours.
If a ring forms around the product, it most definitely contains oil.

Here are some experiments I did with a few of my fave makeup and skincare products. Read on for the SHOCKING results…
Read on…

As I posted before, Target is now carrying an exclusive line of Jemma Kidd’s makeup, called JK. Target didn’t stop there though. Napoleon Perdis has a new line called NP Set, and famed Swedish makeup artist, Petra Strand has Pixi. It’s a whole new cosmetics section at Target. I was in love… so I snuck in my camera to take some photos of the displays for YOU!

I felt like a funny little makeup spy snapping off photos and playing with everything. They had testers set up for everything! It was quite fun!

The prices aren’t the most affordable, but it *is* nice to be able to pick up high-quality makeup at a mass market retailer. I have mall-phobia so I hate braving the overwhelming department stores. Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Wally-world are much easier for me. 😉

And now on to the pictures… (Click the image for a full size version which will open in a new tab or window depending on your internet browser’s settings.)

The full JK Jemma Kidd display at my Target. I loved the “rocker” look of this display. Pretty reds and blacks with feminine floral accents on the packaging.

JemmaKidd JK makeup display at Target

After the break for the rest of the photos…
Read on…

JK Jemma Kidd Arrives at Target

by Bionic Beauty on 06.Sep.2008 · 7 comments

Famed UK designer, makeup artist and entreprenue, Jemma Kidd, has parterned up with Target for to bring another high-end cosmetics line to all us “cheapies”. While the line isn’t priced as cheap as most of Sonia Kashuk’s stuff or the standards (like L’Oreal, Physician’s Formula, etc), it’s certainly more affordable and will be more accessible than the department store brands.

JK Jemma Kid Makeup launches at Target

JK Jemma Kidd will focus on fashion-forward, trendy makeup but worked in a way that we mortals can wear it. You know how some of that makeup on runways would NEVER look right while at the grocery, on a date, or heck… anywhere really? Well, this is the trends, but made for us to actually wear. Woo!

Here’s a list of makeup products from JK Jemma Kidd launching initially…
The JK Jemma Kidd collection offers over 80 products of color products and tools:

  • Pro-Finish Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($28.00)
  • Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer ($24.00)
  • Front Cover – Touchup Concealer ($17.00)
  • Show Glow Bronzing Powder ($21.00)
  • On Set Mattifying Powder ($21.00)
  • Chic Cheeks Powder Blush ($21.00)
  • Stain, Flush, Blush Concentrate ($17.00)
  • Spotlight Intense Highlight Crème ($18.00)
  • Air Kiss Shine Lipgloss ($16.00)
  • Maxi Kiss Plumping Lipgloss ($17.00)
  • Lip ID Colour Adapt Gloss ($20.00)
  • Classic Couture Lip Colour ($16.00)
  • Sheer Vanity Gloss and Glaze ($18.00)
  • I-Style Pro Duo ($20.00)
  • I-Design Eye Colour ($18.00)
  • Hi-Design Eye Colour ($18.00)
  • I-Radiance Crème Colour ($18.00)
  • I-Conic Eyes Pencil Liner ($14.00)
  • I-Tech Liquid Liner ($18.00)
  • Tailored Eyes Defining Mascara ($17.00)
  • Ultra Plush Volumising Mascara ($17.00)
  • Show Stopper – Year Round Body Glow ($28.00)
  • JK Fashion Palette ($36.00)
  • JK Design Essential Pro Tools ($35.00)
  • JK Beauty Bag ($20.00)

JK Jemma Kidd is available starting September 2008 at Target Stores and with prices ranging from $14.00-$36.00.

Please, please let me know when you spot it in a store! 🙂 I also hear a rumor that there will be testers available for most of the items to allow us to “try before we buy”. How great would that be???