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Reminder to enter: L’uvalla Skincare giveaway

by Bionic Beauty on 18.Jan.2010

Enter the L'uvalla Organic and natural skincare giveaway contest at Bionic Beauty blogDon’t forget to enter the L’uvalla Organic Skin Care giveaway at Bionic Beauty! The contest ends at tomorrow night, January 19th, at midnight (US Eastern Time), so be sure to enter if you haven’t already.

In order to qualify, you need to leave your comment (follow the rules, please) over at the L’uvalla Giveaway article!

Best of luck to all the Bionic Beauties out there!

Bionic Giveaway: L’uvalla Organic Skincare

by Bionic Beauty on 05.Jan.2010 · 92 comments

In order to kick off 2010 properly, L’uvalla Organic Skincare and the Bionic Beauty blog have teamed up to giveaway a full-size set of L’uvalla’s “Balancing System” skin care!

The winning Bionic Beauty reader will get over $100 in L’uvalla skincare goodies…

  • 3.4 ounce bottle of Gentle Foaming Cleanser,
  • 6.7 ounce bottle of the Rejuvenating Eucalyptus Toner, and
  • 1.46 tube of Day/Night Balancing face cream!

The sizes may sound small, but since L’uvalla’s products are concentrated, you only need small amounts of each product to handle your daily skin care routine. This gift set should last you 3 months! Did you miss Bionic Bronnie’s reviews of L’uvalla? They are certainly a must-read!

Bionic Beauty giveaway - L'uvalla Organic Skincare Balancing System

Bionic Giveaway - L'uvalla Organic Skincare Set!

In order to win…
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Last week I introduced you to the L’uvalla Organic Skin Care brand by reviewing their Balancing System. For ladies looking for help battling the signs of aging skin, I also tested their Age-Defying System.

During my review period, I found the L’uvalla Age-Defying System to be as incredibly gentle as their Balancing System. And that’s saying quite a bit since many anti-aging products can really create a flare up for sensitive skin types

The Bionic Beauty blog reviews L'uvalla Organic

Bionic Bronnie reviews the L'uvalla Organic "Age Defying" skincare regimen.

The Age Defying System

The Cleanser: A milky hydrating cleanser that gently removes makeup and pollution from our environment without drying the skin. The active ingredients also help will skin cell sloughing, which in turn encourages new cell growth. The end result is clean, smooth and hydrated skin. This face wash also has strong aromatherapy properties using Lavendin Oil to quiet the mind, lift mood, balance mood swings, and encourage restful sleep. Other standout ingredients include: Sunflower Seed Oil, Betaine, Hazel Seed Oil, Lotus Flower, Orange Peel, Meadowsweet Extract and Ginseng Root. The Hydrating Milk Cleanser comes in a 7 ounce plastic flip-top bottle.

Eucalyptus Toner: This toner utilizes Eucalyptus Leaf Extract to renovate and purify skin. The Eucalyptus Leaf Extract combined with Yarrow Oil work together for strong aromatherapy benefits to invigorate, soothe, and can assist you through major life changes such as menopause. Additional toner ingredients include: Maris Salt Extract, Sage Oil, Niaouli Leaf Oil and White Lotus.  This toner was by far my favorite of the two from L’uvalla. It feels wonderful on my skin! Like the toner in the Balancing System, the Eucalyptus toner is also pH balanced and it really helped clear up the splotches on my face. I used a cotton pad for application, but since it’s pourable you could use your fingers, a sponge, or anything in between. Just be sure to keep them in the glass bottles- glass is inert and won’t react with anything packaged in it. I truly appreciate the incredible amount of thought L’uvalla put into each ingredient in this toner… everything in it has a documented purpose.  Packaged in a 6.7 ounce cobalt-blue glass bottle.
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I recently spent a fair amount of time testing products from L’uvalla Organic Skin Care which originated in France.  I’m truly impressed by the quality and high standards held to all their face products. L’uvalla skin care would be a great line for anyone, but especially those Bionic Beauties who have very sensitive skin.  When I first started testing L’uvalla, they patiently taught me about why your daily skin care should be pH balanced.  As a result, I will always consider the pH value when testing new skin care products.  L’uvalla considers skin’s natural “sweet spot” pH value, which falls in the 4.4 to 5.5 range, when formulating all their products. Many soaps and cleansers have a very high pH level, which is where I learned and understood why a toner is so important (even though it’s the most overlooked skincare step). I also love this company’s 100% certified natural, organic, vegan and animal-friendly philosophy.

The Bionic Beauty blog reviews: L'uvalla Organic Skincare's Balancing System

Bionic Bronnie reviews the L'uvalla Organic "Balancing System" skin care regimen

I frequently have skin irritations or flare-ups while product testing and it leaves my skin raw and sore. Throughout my L’uvalla testing, it never burned or irritated.

L’uvalla has two basic skin care systems (or regimens): Balancing and Age-Defying.  Each system has three steps- cleanser, toner and moisture cream. To complete the offerings, there is a nice daily sunscreen and eye/lip cream that can be used with either system.  L’uvalla also incorporates unique aromatherapy benefits into each product to further enhance the skin care experience.

L’uvalla’s signature ingredients include-

  • Lotus Flower Extract: Used to cleanse, purify, act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. When considered from the aromatherapy perspective, the Lotus Flower is said to relax the soul.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil: Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids. This is one of the most buzzed about skin care ingredients in recent years.

The Balancing System

Foaming Facial Cleanser: A gentle, deep-cleansing and purifying face wash that removes makeup and impurities. This is intended for congested or oily skin.  It contains the signature Lotus Flower extract, Betaine, Bilberry, Madder Root, Rose Geranium Oil with a hint of Orange. This cleanser is a joy to use- foamy lather and is gentle enough to let the product stay on my face for a minute or two (for an even deeper cleaning). I felt a slight tingling, but it was pleasant and refreshing! 3.4 ounce bottle.

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Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™

This week Jeanna Bonds, business partner and co-founder of L’uvalla Skin Care, shares her thoughts on how women can Achieve Powerful Beauty.

When I first thought of the expression “powerful beauty”, immediately the picture of a child came to mind. Can you count the number of times you have seen a baby or a child and said “What a beautiful baby!” or “Your son/daughter is beautiful!” It’s so easy to recognize powerful beauty in a child because they are so pure and innocent. They allow their inner soul to shine through without the trappings of this world. Their minds have not been tainted by the media’s definition of beauty or the sometimes hurtful and harsh judgments of others. They don’t think that their hair is too frizzy or too curly or too thin. They don’t worry about being too tall or too short or too thin or too heavy. They have no concerns about living up to expectations or failing in business or losing in love. That’s why my definition of powerful beauty is unconditional love – for yourself and your life.
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