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Review: Mark Kissink Lip Tint Marker

by Bionic Beauty on 01.Oct.2007 · 2 comments

Bionic recently tried the Mark Kissink Lip Tintmarker. The shade is “Berry Bitten”.

At first glance, the packaging of the lip color brings you right back to grade school, drawing and doodling with bright markers. Ahh… the days. Anyhow, pop off the cap, and the flashback continues. The applicator for the Kissink is an actual marker tip!

The tint goes on smoothly and is not overwhelming on color. You can layer it a bit if you’d like to build up a shock of color. The color wears well, but does not last as long as the other Lip Stains Bionic has reviewed. It’s a tad drying, but a slick of lip balm over top resolves this.

Overall, a great product for $6. You can find it in several shades at