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Twilight’s Eclipse theme pedicure

by Bionic Beauty on 06.Jul.2010 · 8 comments

Many of you know that I am a total Harry Potter and Twilight fan-girl. When movies or books I enjoy get released, it usually involves quite a bit of fan-fare on my part. I have a propensity for costuming, or adding little details to my outfits (like my Bella Moonstone ring), which both liven up the experience for me.

I didn’t see the Eclipse movie on opening night, but I did create this Eclipsed-themed nail art. I drew inspiration from the book cover and added some extra highlights to make it a bit more vibrant.

Bionic Beauty creates a nail art pedicure inspired by The Twilight Saga's Eclipse book cover

Bionic Beauty's Eclipse themed nail art

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Bionic Asks: When did you start wearing makeup?

by Bionic Beauty on 12.May.2010 · 4 comments

Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series
I thought it would be fun this week to take a little trip down Memory Lane…
This week’s Bionic Asks
How old were you when you started wearing makeup? And when did you actually become more interested in makeup, skincare and the like?

I’ll kick things off-
I started wearing makeup in my Freshman year of high school. Back then it was mostly a bit of CoverGirl’s Clear Complexion powder (the kind that smelled like, and contained, Noxema ingredients) and CoverGirl’s concealer in a lipgloss-wand-type tube. I was prone to acne, so concealer dotted on top was a must for me. My eyes usually just had CoverGirl mascara on my lashes; and I would occasionally wear some brown Revlon eyeshadow, or Wet n’ Wild’s black eyeliner pencil. I didn’t do much experimenting back then. Can you tell I was a CoverGirl fangirl? My mom was, and still is, a Clinique fan. She would usually give me some of the stuff from her Clinique Bonus Time bags. That was always an exciting time of the year for me, but I still kept things minimal. My mom tried and tried to get me to wear more eye makeup. She succeeded for one of my Proms, but before the night was through, I ended up using Qtips to wipe most of it off; I just didn’t feel like me.
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Here are this week’s cosmetics sales from your local Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid drugstores…
There are some sales this week that shouldn’t be missed! CVS has Milani, L’Oreal and Revlon makeup on BOGO half off; and if you have a Rite Aid close by, you’re a lucky duck this week- LOTS of buy one, get one free items!
The Bionic Beauty blog brings you the latest drugstore bargain buys in beauty, makeup, skincare and cosmetics

  • L’Oreal cosmetics, makeup, skin care, and Sublime Bronze sunless tanners – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Neutrogena cosmetics, makeup, skin care, sun care – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Revlon ColorSilk hair color – On sale for $1.99 with in-flier coupon!
  • Revlon foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and eye makeup – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Smooth Away hair removal “scrubby pads” – Buy 1, get 1 free! You’ve probably seen these advertised on TV. I picked up a set at Sally Beauty recently and honestly cannot see what the fuss is about. It took forever and dried my skin out. Full review to come, but in short- don’t waste your money.
  • RoC skincare – On sale for $5
  • RoC Skin Perfecting skin care system – On sale for $10
  • Purchase an Olay Age Defying or Complete Skincare set – Get a FREE Olay Complete Ageless Cleanser!
  • Eucerin skin care – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Walgreens brand Regenerating Skincare face cleanser, serum, or cream – On sale for 25% off!
  • Clearasil Skincare products – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Suave shampoo or conditioner including Professional, Men’s and Kid’s lines – On sale for $3
  • Got2b hair styling products – Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!
  • Rogaine 3 pack – On sale for $10 off!
  • Select Conair hair appliances and styling tools – On sale for $17.99
  • Renpure Organics shampoo and conditioner – On sale for $4.99
  • L’Oreal Excellence To-Go hair color – On sale for $5.99 with in-flier coupon
  • Mane n’ Tail shampoo and conditioner – Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! (Perfect timing since this weekend is the Kentucky Derby!)
  • L’Oreal EverPure and EverStrong shampoo or conditioner – On sale for $5.99 with in-filer coupon
  • Colgate dental care, toothpaste, MaxFresh or MaxWhite toothbrushes – On sale for $1.99 with in-flier coupon
  • Sinful Colors nail polish – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Mother’s Day fragrance gift sets including Celine Dion’s Sensational, Faith Hill, Halle Berry, or Jovan perfumes – On sale for $9.99 after in-store coupon
  • CoverGirl foundation, concealer, powder, blush or lip color makeup – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • CoverGirl Blast eye cosmetics – On sale for $7.99; plus get an extra $3 in Register Rewards (RR)
  • Irish Spring or SoftSoap body wash – On sale for $2.99
  • Chantilly fragrance – Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!
  • Johnson’s skincare Softlotion, or Softwash – Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
  • Lady Speed Stick deodorant – Only $1.99 with in-flier coupon
  • Dove or Degree deodorant – On sale for $2.49 with in-filer coupon

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Last week I showed you Milani’s new Neon nail polish collection, now I’ve got the swatches and reviews of their other Spring 2010 nail polish collection: 3D Holographic.

All of these polishes applied like a dream and wore incredibly well. Milani has a real competitor this year to the pricey “bigger” named polish collections. Smooth application, no cuticle drag, no tip buildup, and the glimmer is small enough that there’s no streaking. And the finish is such a high-gloss!! In these photos, I promise I am not wearing a top coat- absolutely incredible!

The Bionic Beauty blog swatches and reviews Milani's 3D Holographic nail polish collection

Milani Cosmetic's new 3D Holographic nail polish collection (Click image for a larger version!)

I can see these polishes becoming some of my favorites!

Hi-Tech – A translucent citrusy green with gold holo shimmer when light hits it. You can build the color with 2-3 coats (I’m wearing two coats in these photos). It even works for gals with cool-toned skin like me! And yes, I’m a sucker for green nail polish!

The Bionic Beauty blog reviews Milani's 3D Holo nail polish in Hi Tech

Milani's Holographic nail polish in Hi-Tech

3D – A classic bright gold. I was leery of this looking good on my nails since I typically shy away from gold (warms don’t look so great on me), but this one was fabulous! 3D would be perfect for a glamorous evening date; and it looked great layered over the Neon “Totally 80s” polish.

The Bionic Beauty blog reviews Milani's 3D Holo nail polish in 3D

Milani's Holographic nail polish in 3D

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Bionic Beauty's favorite drugstore makeup brand, Milani Cosmetics, is now available in Canada!
BIG news for my northern gal pals!! My favorite drugstore makeup brand, Milani Cosmetics is heading up to Canada!

Canadian beauties will be able to find Milani makeup, nail polish, eyeliners, and their famous eye shadows at your local Sears, Loblaw Superstore, and Lawtons Drugs. You might call ahead first since this is just starting to happen.

To help your fellow Bionic Beauties out, post in the comments below if you spot Milani in your area. And be sure to share what you bought!