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Bionic Homemade: Banana Face Mask

by Bionic Beauty on 09.Aug.2010 · 2 comments

Welcome to another installment of Bionic Beauty Homemade with Joycey Couture!

Now that it’s summertime, I’ve been finding myself frequenting the local fruit stands. And for some reason, I pick up bananas every visit.

I’m blaming it on the Banana Split Flavored Lip Gloss by My Lip Stuff that Bionic Beauty gave me a few months ago (if you missed her review a few years back, check it out now). Or maybe my body craves some delicious potassium in the heat? Hmm…

Whatever the case may be- when everything looks too tempting to pass up at the stand, I find myself with a few too many squishy bananas in my kitchen.

So when thinking up ideas for my fruit addiction it came down to one of three options- 1) adopt a monkey, 2) make banana bread, or 3) come up with a homemade beauty recipe!

I opted for number three!

Bionic Beauty blog homemade and DIY beauty recipe - Make your own Banana face mask

Check out this yummy banana face mask recipe!

Looking for a masque that both softens and tightens your face? Use your smushy bananas to rejuvenate your skin! This recipe is extremely easy to prepare and is an effective way to treat you skin against Summer dryness. By the way, here’s a huge thanks to Sharambrosia for sharing this wonderful recipe!

Gather up your face mask ingredients…
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Does Vaseline permanently darken lips?

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Jan.2009 · 19 comments

Vaseline can permanently darken skin

Here’s a question from the Bionic Beauty mailbag…

“I heard that Vaseline lip balm darkens lips. is this true?”

Bionic’s Answer…

Unless you’re lips are really, really light and/or lacking pigmentation, the Vaseline will probably not darken them noticeably. What happens is any lip balm (or lotion or cream, for that matter) that contains petrolatum as an ingredient can darken your skin. Think about the porous surface of the soles of your feet. Repeated use of petrolatum products on your feet soles (usually you use these products to soften callouses) can cause icky dark skin.

Not pleasant, or pretty.

Other thoughts to consider… petrolatum is a petroleum by-product, as in oil-derivative. Not something that sounds too yummy for my mouth. Plus if we cut down on oil-derived products, we’re helping to reduce oil dependency.

For Vaseline alternatives, try the following~

But if you are looking to darken your lip color, maybe try a lip stain. Those look more natural and last longer than lip glosses or lip sticks. Check out Revlon’s Just Bitten, Sonia Kashuk’s Sheer Bliss (read my review on both here), and the soon-to-be-released CoverGirl marker-type lip stains.

Keep Achieving Powerful Beauty,

Makeup products that work for every woman

by Bionic Beauty on 21.Oct.2008 · 2 comments

The Beauty Ideal magazine

I was asked to contribute to October’s edition of  The Beauty Ideal. The “theme” for this month’s magazine was makeup and skincare that works for every woman, skin tone, color, etc. So I pulled up all my favorite products that will enhance your natural beauty no matter what type of gal you are.

Products That Work For Every Woman!

There are some items, no matter what your skin tone, that a woman should have in her cosmetics arsenal. When searching out items like these, it’s best to think of neutral tones. Take your cue from what nature gave you and work with it. Enhancing your natural tones will make you look awake, pulled together, and you’ll probably save a bit of time in the mornings. The basic makeup and grooming products below will look amazing on every eye color, hair color and ethnicity; I promise!

Pick a neutral eye liner in a shade of black or brown.
Brown and black eyeliners work well with all eye colors, enhance the depth of your features and even create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

My favorites include Jane’s gel eyeliners in Dark Brown or Black. You can find them for $5 at your local drugstore or mass market retailer. They perform just as well as the higher-end gel eyeliners. The brush that comes packaged with them allows you to draw an even, precise line, and these liners don’t smudge, drift or crease.

Jane Gel Eyeliners - Colors and formulas that work for every women

Gel eyeliners that work for everyone in both price and color!

For a higher end option, try Lancome’s Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee, which is a very dark brown. This liner is a traditional pencil formula but since it’s based on kohl, the pencil is super soft and won’t irritate or pull on sensitive eye skin. The color is simply gorgeous! You can smudge it for a smoky look or keep it precise for a clean eye-accent. $23 from Lancome USA.

A relative new comer to the scene and a very eco-friendly option, Pencil Me In eyeliners are all-natural and affordable. The cap even includes a built-in sharpener! Again, these pencils are kohl so they are super gentle. The wealth of color options is amazing, but to achieve a look that works for everyone, I suggest Brownie (a matte medium brown) or Char-Kohl (a slightly smoky black). If you’d like some glimmer to draw attention to your eyes, check out Jet Sparks (a deep black with shimmer) and Silk Suede (a neutral brown with glimmer). Pencil Me In liners can be found at for $6.99 and are worth every penny!

Natural colored eyeshadow doesn’t have to mean boring!
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Bionic’s Review of My Lip Stuff Balms

by Bionic Beauty on 12.Apr.2008 · 5 comments

My Lip Stuff appealed to me as soon as I found their website. Their tagline: “Skin, Earth, & Animal Friendly Products” is right in line with my desire to be a better earth-citizen while still enjoying my beauty products. I’d truly prefer to not load chemicals onto my skin whenever possible. Cutting down when possible is my new motto.

My Lip Stuff feeds my lip balm addiction. They have over 400 flavors (yes, you read that correctly- 400!!!) of balms, as well as other body and bath products. They have Charitabalms (be an activist), Vegan balms (Woo hoo! Leave our small n’ fuzzies for pets!), hilarious Mood Balms, and more. The packaging is simple, but the labels are what makes them really stand out. I kept getting compliments on the colorful labels, when I pulled one from my purse.

Natural Lip Balms by My Lip Stuff

Every variety I tried was moisturizing, not waxy and did not give me any adverse reactions. I highly recommend checking out these lip balms!

I tried:

  • Strawberry Dream Pie: Love the taste of this.
  • Valentine’s Day Limited Edition: I passed this to my Bionic Mom to try. Her report: “I love the lip balm. Many are waxy and leave your lips feeling stiff. This balm smells very nice too! I do not use the lip balm your Dad (that’s Bionic Dad) because of how waxy feeling it is. So this was a welcome find!”
  • Lip Tint: This is unscented and unflavored. It gave my lips a beautiful shine and just a pop of color. It looks dark in the tube, but goes on sheer and glossy but without all the goopy mess of most glosses. It’s moisturizing too. This is my perfect balm. I can go out and still look polished without wearing a ton of lip color.
  • Cool Under Pressure (Vegan):
  • Pancakes and Syrup: YUM! This balm is like IHOP for your lips.
  • Rainbow Sherbet: Fruity and vanilla, I’ve been wearing this one on the warmer days since it evokes the mood of spring.

Most of the balms are $2.00 to $3 (great price!) and international shipping is available. Sticks and pots are available, as well as 6 pack and other special bundles.