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Nixie Professional

Bionic primes with De-Crease

by Bionic Beauty on 13.Apr.2009 · 8 comments

L'Oreal Decrease eye shadow primericon

I decided it was high-time I checked out eye shadow primers. Being the budget-minded gal I am, I hopped over to my local  drugstore to grab L’Oreal’s De-Crease Eye Shadow Base.

First up, I wanted to try a swatch test before I actually went crazy creating eye makeup looks. The photo below shows seven eyeshadows of various brands, colors, and finishes. The top row is on my arm bare (no primer) and the bottom row is applied over De-Crease.

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Somewhere… over the rainbow…

by Bionic Beauty on 11.Mar.2009 · 12 comments

Some days a girl just needs to have fun… I have all these amazing eye shadow colors sitting around begging to be used in a bright and fantastic way. So today, trends be darned. I did my own rainbow lip look!

And a big THANK YOU to IowaGirl for the inspiration!

Would Dorothy be proud?

Colors I used from left to right:

  • Upper lip: Nixie Professional matte lime green, Nixie Professional matte ‘burnt’ salmon, Bobbi Brown Brights Royal Blue.
  • Lower lip: Purely Cosmetics Purple Diamond, Nixie Professional bright matte pink, Bobbi Brown Brights Blue Denim.
  • I topped it all off (very carefully) with Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint in Melon.

Halloween Idea: Nature Fairy Look

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Oct.2008 · 3 comments

Continuing my Halloween makeup series… I created this look on a whim. And that’s pretty much what it is… whimsical. 🙂 Many years ago, I was Poison Ivy (from Batman) for Halloween and did a look similar to this. It’s adaptable for all sorts of costumes- fairies, princesses (use pinks and blues with no vines and more glitter!)- only limited by your imagination.
I just used colors I had on hand, so switch in whatever you have in your collection. The vines could be brown with orange, black, yellow and purple flowers for a “Autumn Princess”. You get the idea. Just do what you like.

Click the photographs to see a larger version (opens in a new tab/window).

The finished look - Nature Fairy for Halloween

For more photos and the full tutorial, makeup colors used, continue readin’…
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Stormy Eye Look Using Nixie Eyeshadows

by Bionic Beauty on 13.Jun.2008

As promised on Wednesday, here is a look using Nixie Professional eyeshadows that is a little more “everyday” friendly.


I took my inspiration from the famed “Stormy Eye” from New York’s Fashion Week. I used a brown-based deep purple Nixie eyeshadow for this look. Starting with a medium, slightly floppy shadow brush, apply the shadow all across your lid and blend, blend, blend into the crease and just past it. Blend until the color fades into your natural skin color.

Take a small shadow liner brush (stubby stiff bristles) and line your upper and lower lash line with the same deep purple shadow. Finish with mascara. The look is low-key but dramatic enough to cause a stir about your eyes. If you’d like more impact- simply blend the purple with a deep brown (such as Milani’s Java Bean – read Bionic’s article) for a truly stormy effect.

I received my new mineral eyeshadow palette from Nixie Professional and had an incredible time playing with the pops of colors.

Here’s a photo of the colors in my palette:
Nixie palette eyeshadows

As you can see, some of the eyeshadow colors are a bit out of my normal range. There’s (clockwise from upper left) an Olive green with slight shimmer (has a very neutral brown undertone), pearly White (almost matte), bright Pink (very slight shimmer), deep smoky Purple (bit of shimmer, based with brown undertone), day-glo matte Green (this reminds me of the eighties), and a deep Fuchsia with red undertones.

Swatches in natural light:

With summer on the brain and heat in the air, I had watermelon on the brain. These bright colors helped inspire my confidence and experimenting attitude.

I started with the pearl white across my entire lid and up to the brow (to highlight). I then used the lighter bright pink (upper right corner of the palette) on my lid and blended it into the crease.

The darker red/pink (fuchsia) went into the outer V of my eyelid. I blended really well with a medium sized and soft shadow brush.

With a small, slightly stiff shadow brush, I lined my eyes (upper and lower lash line) with the bright green.
Nixie cosmetics eyeshadow look of the day pink and green

Granted, not a look for everyday, but it was fun to walk around the house and neighborhood. I felt daring and confident!

Nixie Professional Eyeshadow Looks

Stay tuned on Friday June 13th for a more subdued “stormy” eye using this same palette.

These shadows have incredible pigmentation and go on so smoothly you barely feel them. No smudging or creasing through an entire day (at 90 degrees).

Nixie Professional Eyeshadows can be purchased online at the Nixie Cosmetics website. Shadows are available in 4 finishes (matte, matte/suede, suede and ultra-suede) and available in a plethora of shades for $15 a piece. A trio of colors will run $28 for a small palette.