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Bionic’s Top Mineral Makeup Tips and Tricks

by Bionic Beauty on 09.Sep.2010 · 9 comments

One of the most frequent topics that fellow Bionic Beauties ask me via email is for mineral makeup application tips. I have some tricks n’ tips scattered in the archives of the Bionic Beauty blog, but I figured it was high-time I posted compiled list of my most useful application techniques.

Using a glazed terracotta pot saucer as a mineral makeup “tray” makes application onto your brush or sponge MUCH easier. I outlined my full technique in this article and added some photographs and further details. You can pick up these glazed pot bottoms at home improvement stores for around $1-2. They are easily sanitized too!

Many women think you can only apply mineral makeup with a brush. Step outside of that thought-box and check out my review of the Beauty Blender sponge. I also included a video from Beauty Blender themselves on how to use the sponge. It took me about a week to get my technique nailed, but now it’s a breeze.

Bionic Beauty blog review - Beauty Blender sponge makeup applicator

If you’re not ready for the price of the Beauty Blender, but want to check out something similar, head to your local Target store. In the makeup aisle, you’ll find Sonia Kashuk’s blue version of this infamous makeup sponge. It usually runs around $8-$10.

In the hopes of helping you skip the awkwardness that I had when I got my first Beauty Blender, here is my step-by-step application technique
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Bionic Asks: When did you start wearing makeup?

by Bionic Beauty on 12.May.2010 · 4 comments

Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series
I thought it would be fun this week to take a little trip down Memory Lane…
This week’s Bionic Asks
How old were you when you started wearing makeup? And when did you actually become more interested in makeup, skincare and the like?

I’ll kick things off-
I started wearing makeup in my Freshman year of high school. Back then it was mostly a bit of CoverGirl’s Clear Complexion powder (the kind that smelled like, and contained, Noxema ingredients) and CoverGirl’s concealer in a lipgloss-wand-type tube. I was prone to acne, so concealer dotted on top was a must for me. My eyes usually just had CoverGirl mascara on my lashes; and I would occasionally wear some brown Revlon eyeshadow, or Wet n’ Wild’s black eyeliner pencil. I didn’t do much experimenting back then. Can you tell I was a CoverGirl fangirl? My mom was, and still is, a Clinique fan. She would usually give me some of the stuff from her Clinique Bonus Time bags. That was always an exciting time of the year for me, but I still kept things minimal. My mom tried and tried to get me to wear more eye makeup. She succeeded for one of my Proms, but before the night was through, I ended up using Qtips to wipe most of it off; I just didn’t feel like me.
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Bionic Asks: What's your favorite type of foundation?

Luckily these days we have many choices when it comes to what type of face makeup we wear. Plain powders, cream to powders, just concealer, loose mineral makeup, liquid minerals, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundation… the list goes on and on.

If you’ve been a Bionic Beauty reader for a bit, you’ll know that my favorite face makeup is Purely Cosmetics’ Skin Smoothing mineral foundation. I had always wanted to like mineral makeup before, but it made me itch, breakout, it clumped and looked fake. So I’m really happy that I found Purely. I also occasionally still wear some of my favorite Tinted Moisturizers: e.l.f.’s and Sonia Kashuk’s. And on low-key days, I just add a bit of concealer and a light dusting of PRIIA’s Skin Complexion Enhancer in Angelic.

What’s your foundation style? And do you have favorite brands?

Does Vaseline permanently darken lips?

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Jan.2009 · 19 comments

Vaseline can permanently darken skin

Here’s a question from the Bionic Beauty mailbag…

“I heard that Vaseline lip balm darkens lips. is this true?”

Bionic’s Answer…

Unless you’re lips are really, really light and/or lacking pigmentation, the Vaseline will probably not darken them noticeably. What happens is any lip balm (or lotion or cream, for that matter) that contains petrolatum as an ingredient can darken your skin. Think about the porous surface of the soles of your feet. Repeated use of petrolatum products on your feet soles (usually you use these products to soften callouses) can cause icky dark skin.

Not pleasant, or pretty.

Other thoughts to consider… petrolatum is a petroleum by-product, as in oil-derivative. Not something that sounds too yummy for my mouth. Plus if we cut down on oil-derived products, we’re helping to reduce oil dependency.

For Vaseline alternatives, try the following~

But if you are looking to darken your lip color, maybe try a lip stain. Those look more natural and last longer than lip glosses or lip sticks. Check out Revlon’s Just Bitten, Sonia Kashuk’s Sheer Bliss (read my review on both here), and the soon-to-be-released CoverGirl marker-type lip stains.

Keep Achieving Powerful Beauty,

Are your cosmetics really oil-free?

Dear Bionic Beauty,
So many liquid foundations and face lotions claim to be oil free these days. Yet, when I’m shopping and read the ingredients it seems like there *are* oils in there. Is there a way to really tell if I’m getting something that is oil free?
I appreciate your help.
Olive Oil 😉

Well, Olive Oil, you are smart to pick up on the labeling that has become such a fad in the cosmetics industry. See, the real problem is that the labeling on cosmetics (makeup, hair care, skincare, etc) is not regulated. Companies can spin all sorts of misinformation on their labels and containers. You really have to be an educated consumer in order to know what is a good buy and what isn’t.

In regards to the “oil-free” claims specifically… there’s a pretty simple test to check if something you have in your stash is truly oil-free. Place a pea-size dollop of the product on a sheet of plain white copy, typing or writing paper (medium to light weight is perfect). Then wait. Let it sit overnight preferably, but you should start to see a change within a few hours.
If a ring forms around the product, it most definitely contains oil.

Here are some experiments I did with a few of my fave makeup and skincare products. Read on for the SHOCKING results…
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