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Starlite Laser: Rejuvenate your skin at home

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Nov.2008 · 8 comments

Last year I had some fluctuations in hormone levels that left me with an embarrassing case of melasma. I felt like everyone could see it and it really affected my self-esteem. I went to my doctor and dermatologist and they mentioned fading creams but nothing further. I picked up a bottle of hydroquinone cream at my local drugstore and used it for a few months… even despite all the horrendous warnings for that chemical. I would have tried anything. Well, it didn’t work. So I resorted to covering it up. I went on a spree buying a myriad of concealers and foundations. Everything I tried seemed to make it more noticeable. This year I found some help with elf’s concealer product. For only $1, I was pretty happy. But I still would rather have it gone.

I religiously applied sunscreen (SPF 45 over the melasma patches) through the summer months so that it didn’t get any darker. And I realized I should learn to live with it. I know many women do.

Then I was introduced to the Starlite in-home Skin Rejuvenation Laser. I have previously reviewed some of the new-fangled ‘beauty-gadgets‘ like the Thermaclear (solely for acne/blemish treatment). The Thermaclear worked well for reducing breakouts after they happened (but didn’t help *prevent* them), required tip replacements, and did not treat any other skin conditions. However the Starlite’s website looked promising. It addressed wrinkles, age lines, loss of collagen, acne, skin pigmentation issues (I was THRILLED about this mention, as you can imagine), and on and on. Enthralled and hopeful. That was me.

Starlite home laser for skin rejuvenation

So when my Starlite I arrived, I tore open the packaging and plopped myself on the couch to watch some TV (Chuck) and treat my face. I started by focusing on my melasma patches, then moved on to the larger pores around my nose, then to some blemishes I had, and finishing up on my lips.

In one treatment, I had worked on my large pores, acne, skinny lips and skin pigmentation issues. WOO! And there was no pain! No stinging or burning. Nada. Bueno, no? Now, let’s see how it works…

After a week I noticed my acne had dropped considerably, my pores were a bit smaller and my melasma was a teeny bit lighter, and my lips were smoother and a tad more puffy. (I took before pictures for reference, so I wouldn’t tend to ‘imagine’ the benefits.)

After a month and a half, my melasma is almost nonexistent!! I still get some breakouts, but if I treat them with my Starlite the healing time is much shorter. Have you noticed that I’ve been posting more pictures of lip colors on my lips here on Bionic Beauty? Well, that’s cause this wonder-gadget has actually plumped them. Yeah, I didn’t think it was possible either.

How does it work?

The Starlite basically uses the same cold red spectrum light from sun, but without all those pesky UVA and UVB wavelengths that damage your skin. The device combines a medical grade 655nm red spectrum laser and a 940nm infrared spectrum pulsed LED light energy. Other skin gadgets are just thermal or just LED or just laser.  The red spectrum along with the LED energy combined is why you can treat SO many skin conditions with the Starlite. You can use it in conjunction with all your normal skin care products. Lotion, face wash, creams- nothing has to change in your routine. You’re just adding the Starlite into your process. For more in-depth information on the science behind Starlite, be sure to read the clinical studies and laser FAQ’s at Starlite’s website.

Other good to know tidbits:

  • The Starlite doesn’t have any tips to replace, just pop in fresh batteries when yours run out.
  • It’s stainless steel tip and glass lens are easy to clean with alcohol or facial toner (clean the tip after each treatment).
  • There’s an automatic shut-off on the laser beam- if it’s moved away from your skin the light goes off. This prevents anyone (kids and adults alike) from accidentally shining themselves in the eyeball with a laser beam. And like I said, no pain, but loads of gain. 🙂
  • A treatment session is easy. I do mine during my favorite TV shows or while reading (Twilight). Just sit for 10 minutes or so and move it around the areas you want to treat. Just be sure to treat your skin while it’s clean! You don’t want to push more gunk or makeup into your pores while treating with the Starlite.
  • My results with the Starlite really seemed to show that the Starlite’s Laser increased my collagen production in my lips, so I’d guess it would work just as well on wrinkles or age lines.

The Starlite is relatively affordable considering the cost of similar devices (priced anywhere from $150 upward to $500 or so). The Starlite runs $165 and is available for sale at their site