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Sale on Thermaclear!

by Bionic Beauty on 14.Mar.2009 · 1 comment

Thermaclear Acne Treatment device
If you’ve been considering purchasing a Thermaclear device (check out Bionic’s review here), now might be the time…
$10 off your ThermaClear device with offer code TENOFF. Limited time offerThermaclear at home skin rejuvenation laser device. Plus you’ll get free standard shipping!!

The TENOFF code is good until March 31, 2009 and only at Thermaclear’s website. Happy shopping ladies!

Bionic Beauty Tests the Thermaclear

by Bionic Beauty on 03.Jul.2008 · 9 comments

Thermaclear Acne Treatment device
Heat treatment for pimples, abscesses and cysts is nothing new, bu the Thermaclear device brings it to a focused “head” specifically for acne.

I tried the Thermaclear for 30 days and found it helpful in healing my light acne. With healing results quicker than without treatment.

Basically you activate the Thermaclear, wait a few seconds for it to heat up (it beeps when it’s ready), then hold it against your pimple, and press the button. Zap. At first treatment, its a bit shocking, but is nothing more than a mild twinge. I started on the low setting to prepare myself and after the first treatment was up to the high setting.

Due to cost, if you have a few pimples occasionally, the Thermaclear may not be worth the money. But if you break out on a regular cycle, this could be a perfect investment ‘wardrobe piece’ for your face.

Who should use Thermaclear? Here are some details on the acne types recommended for treatment with the Thermaclear:

ThermaClear uses a short pulse of heat for the treatment of pimples in people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. ThermaClear should NOT be used by people with severe nodular or severe cystic acne. ThermaClear should also not be used on whiteheads and blackheads.

My comparison to Zeno: The Thermaclear is larger in size, but in proportion, the treatment tip covers a larger area. The Zeno has one setting level, and the Thermaclear has two. Thermaclear tips last longer and cost a bit less for replacement.

A Zeno with a 60 count treatment tip is $150 and replacement tips start at $25 (good for 60 treatments).

The ThermaClearThermaclear acne skincare device runs $149.95 and replacement tips are $19.95 (replace your treatment tip 1-2 times per year).