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Freebies Found: Nivea and Urban Decay

by Bionic Beauty on 10.Jan.2015 · 1 comment

Free beauty samples on the Bionic Beauty blog
Yesterday had most awesome freebie finding mission in quite awhile. But… today’s has just as much “cowabunga dude”!

May the freebie force be with you,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Awesome Freebies Found: Urban Decay and Philosophy

by Bionic Beauty on 09.Jan.2015

Free beauty samples on the Bionic Beauty blog
Some days the beauty world is blessed with absolutely amazing freebies. Other sad days there are none (and I make a frowny face). Today is NOT one of those sad days! Sure, there are only two samples on today’s list, but… they’re from frakking Philosophy and Urban Decay!!

Now hustle before they run out!

Enjoy the freebies!
May your eyes be forever lined with bright colors and your smile contain the hope of every sunrise,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Urban Decay launched their “Ink for Eyes” cream eyeliners in the fall of 2009. I finally got my mitts on Zero which is a true pitch black. Five other colors round out the collection: a deep blue (Binge), forest green (Loaded), dark violet (Empire), dark cool-toned brown (Demolition) and a clear sparkly liner (Pyrotechnics).

Bionic Beauty Review - Urban Decay Ink For Eyes cream eyeliner

Bionic reviews Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes cream eyeliner

All of UD’s Ink for Eyes eyeliners come packaged in a long, thin rectangular compact complete with mirror, taklon liner brush and a sponge-tip smudger. The packaging is a bit edgy and certainly different than the typical pots of cream or gel eyeliners that I’m used too. It fits well in my purse makeup case.

Bionic Beauty Review - Urban Decay Ink For Eyes cream eyeliner

The black wasn't very inky for me... but it was super soft & smooth!

The pigmentation wasn’t as true as I had hoped- I had to apply layer after layer to get a dark smokey line. You can see from my photos that it was still slightly sheer on me. However, there was absolutely NO drag, pull or clumping thanks to UD’s new proprietary “Nylon 12” ingredient. The Nylon 12 is probably similar to the silicone or dimethicone ingredients in other eyeliners that glide on effortlessly. However, I say probably because I’m not a UD chemist, so I can’t give a definite answer.
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Gmail - 30% Off Family & Friends Deal - Urban Decay Cosmetics -

It’s that time again… Urban Decay is holding their Friends and Family discount. Shop this week on and get 30% off your entire purchase by entering code FFH30 at checkout. This offer is valid from November 10th through November 18th. I still need to try some of their lipsticks… such gorgeous packaging!

And for even more shopping pleasure, will be holding a 75% off sale (yes, you read that correctly!) from November 18th through November 25th. WOWZA!

Anything you ladies are itching to buy?

Urban Decay Friends and Family Discount

by Bionic Beauty on 22.Aug.2008

From August 19 through August 28, everyone can get 30% off their makeup and cosmetics purchases at Urban Decay! It’s the one week special “Family & Friends” discount. Simply enter FFL30 when you checkout.

Also worth a quick mention… everything, yes *absolutely everything* over at is on sale for 75% off!! And you don’t even have to enter a silly code! No excuses, get shopping. 😉