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Y-Y Skincare

YY’s Intensive Moisture hair care

by Bionic Beauty on 21.May.2009 · 2 comments

Here’s the latest from Bionic Beauty’s co-editor, Joycey Couture…

Tired?  Overworked?  Stressed out?  No silly, I’m not trying to sympathize with you- I was actually talking about your hair.
YY Intensive Moisture conditioner - driftwood

I’ve been your average, run-of-the-mill, grab whatever kind of shampoo girl for years and I honestly didn’t think anything of it until YY came into my life.

“Using the Five Elements Theory, YY’s essential oil based beauty products offer greater levels of harmony and balance between the internal and external selves.  Rooted in the ancient Asian philosophy of Yin and Yang, YY offers a complete range designed to provide a sense of personal wellness and spiritual peace through the balance of each of the Five Elements of the Universe —Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Featuring highly effective formulations, luxurious textures and heavenly aromas, many YY products are over 90% natural.”

Just after reading that I was excited! YY uses the element of wood to represent their hair care- promising the “strength and vitality of wood” in each of their products.

Of the line, I chose to try the Agave (Intensive Moisturizing) shampoo and matching conditioner, Driftwood.

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Want conditioning and styling in one product?

by Bionic Beauty on 02.Feb.2009

Y Y Winter Hazel Conditioning Styling Cream
Y-Y has answered the call of people everywhere! If you have slightly dry hair or tend to treat it a tad roughly… Y-Y’s Winter Hazel Conditioning Styling Cream is your product.

It’s a cream formula, adds bendable & flexible hold, adds medium shine and even helps build volume! WOW, right? I use it before blowdrying or flat-ironing to keep my hair moisturized and by the end I don’t even need hairspray or finishing products. And it smells absolutely amazing!

Y-Y’s products are packaged in recyclable containers (this one’s a tube) and are never tested on animals. I’m a big fan. I know they are a lesser known brand, but the quality and performance just amaze me with each item I try. Give ’em a shot.

Winter Hazel conditioning styling cream is available on Y-Y’s website for $21.97 or check for a local salon (available in Washington, DC; Crystal Lake, IL; Fort Worth, TX; and Richmond, VA).

Full list of ingredients below…
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Does Vaseline permanently darken lips?

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Jan.2009 · 19 comments

Vaseline can permanently darken skin

Here’s a question from the Bionic Beauty mailbag…

“I heard that Vaseline lip balm darkens lips. is this true?”

Bionic’s Answer…

Unless you’re lips are really, really light and/or lacking pigmentation, the Vaseline will probably not darken them noticeably. What happens is any lip balm (or lotion or cream, for that matter) that contains petrolatum as an ingredient can darken your skin. Think about the porous surface of the soles of your feet. Repeated use of petrolatum products on your feet soles (usually you use these products to soften callouses) can cause icky dark skin.

Not pleasant, or pretty.

Other thoughts to consider… petrolatum is a petroleum by-product, as in oil-derivative. Not something that sounds too yummy for my mouth. Plus if we cut down on oil-derived products, we’re helping to reduce oil dependency.

For Vaseline alternatives, try the following~

But if you are looking to darken your lip color, maybe try a lip stain. Those look more natural and last longer than lip glosses or lip sticks. Check out Revlon’s Just Bitten, Sonia Kashuk’s Sheer Bliss (read my review on both here), and the soon-to-be-released CoverGirl marker-type lip stains.

Keep Achieving Powerful Beauty,

Bionic’s Best of Beauty 2008!

by Bionic Beauty on 07.Jan.2009 · 13 comments

Best of 2008 by BionicBeauty

Yippee! It’s 2009! I have always been partial to January… it’s fresh, usually cool (although today it’s over 70 here, wow) and it’s my month. I’m a Capricorn and my birthday is just around the corner!

But enough dilly-dallying… I’m here to give you the Bionic Beauty Best of 2008 list. These are the beauty products that rocked my world this year. I know they will be favorites for a long time to come. I’ve included links where applicable to my reviews and photos.

  • Three Custom Color’s Doubles lipgloss. This is a MUST in my purse. It’s the most amazing gloss ever. Sophia Coppola turned to Three Custom to design this gloss and her good taste shows. I’m in luv.
  • {me} by Mezhgan’s Look at {me} mascara. I adore my lashes with this tubing mascara.
  • Clinique’s Color Surge Stay Matte eye shadow in Dark Denim. The resurgence of matte shadow colors works so well with different skin tones- and this dark blue is bee-you-tee-full! (Stay tuned for a smokey eye look I created using this shadow.)
  • Twilight. I know, it’s not beauty related, but it did influence quite a few of my makeup looks this year. What can I say… I never got my letter to Hogwarts, so I’m moving to Forks to live with the Cullens instead.
  • Herbaria Soaps’ new Ginger Neem bar. This is one of their new releases this year and I adore the addition of the Neem Oil. It’s great for inflammation, ouchies, rashes, and just keeping your skin in glowing & smooth shape.
  • Three Custom Color’s Wallflower for cheeks. Woo! I’m a fan of this creamy cheek, eye, lip color. So versatile it almost needs a super-hero cape.
  • And another cream blush came on the market- Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Sticks. My favorite color is the limited edition Very Blush.
  • Black Cherry Indelible Gel Eyeliner from Purely Cosmetics. Ahh…black, maroon and slight sparkles? It’s me, to a T.
  • Bobbi Brown lip glosses. I love them all (and yes, I never tried Bobbi Brown until this year. Odd, right?) but my favorites are the limited edition Aubergine gloss and the Black Cherry lip tint.
  • NARS’ lipstick in Captiva. I featured it for my Fall 2008 Dark Lip Looks, but it’s never left my makeup tote since. First layer is super sheer and wearable even for day. Layer it for a darker look.
  • 1000 Cranes lotion by Y-Y. My uber favorite body moisturizer this year. Plus it’s nice that proceeds go to charity.
  • Milani’s Runway Wet/Dry eyeshadows that were direct competitors to the much pricier Vincent Longo releases. Milani can do no wrong lately. Highly pigmented shadows with long wear… and their new Mascara releases are absolutely stunning (and getting rave reviews so far!).
  • Sinful Colors nail polish. I started picking these up at Walgreens for only $2.49! They are great for pedicures and offer a myriad of color options. Did I mention they are only $2.49?!?  I have a black, a silver, green, purple (trendy!), red, maroon, and about 6 others.
  • The PedEgg. WOW! What a life changer. My feet are sandal ready in less than 5 minutes if need be. Best. Budget. Beauty. Gadget. Ever.
  • Last but not least, Purely Cosmetic’s mineral makeup. I use the Pure Silk Mineral Foundation in California Blonde. I also love her Flat-Top foundation brush and cream-to-powder shadows. Purely Cosmetics is one of those jems of a brand that I can see rising to the top.

What are your favorites from 2008? Did you discover any new brands or items? New makeup or nail colors?

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Stay tuned tomorrow for my “Worst of 2008” list – and in the meantime, start thinking up your own Worst of list, so you’re ready to share!

Shiny Me with YY’s Sweetgum

by Bionic Beauty on 05.Jan.2009 · 1 comment

Every woman I know likes her hair to shine. But when you’re feeling a bit dull in the locks department, turn to YY’s Sweetgum Spray On Shine.

You all know I’ve had great experience with the YY line so far, and this product is no exception. Sweetgum is perfect to tame flyaways, weather frizz, and to add shine after styling. I use a few mists each day after I flat iron. It doesn’t add weight, just a nice shine.

Sweetgum contains Baobab oil for conditioning and Neroli, Sandalwood, and Basil for fragrances.

Sweetgum Spray On Shine is $24 for a 4 ounce spray bottle. This should last you many months! Pick it up at Y-Y’s online website.

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