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Bionic Boondoggle

Bionic Boondoggle: From the land of ferns

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Aug.2010 · 4 comments

Welcome to another installment of the Bionic Boondoggle! It’s basically a “best of” roundup from the perspective of moi.

My snake-bitten ankle is finally healed and I’m doing strengthening exercises daily. I’m still visiting north Florida and loving the area here more and more! For a little get-outta-the-house time, my friend and I headed to the Devil’s Millhopper park in Gainesville. We packed our cameras and a few of our Moleskine journals and sketchbooks. I also wore tall, heavy leather boots. I have vowed never to hike without leather boots on again. No more snake bites for me, thank you very much.

Bionic Beauty visits Devil's Millhopper state park in Gainesville, Florida

Devil's Millhopper - One really old sinkhole!

I love greenery, shade (as you can tell by my paleness), and humidity. The Devil’s Millhopper suited me perfectly. There were teeny waterfalls winding through limestone covered in liverworts, lichens, and mosses. The waters flow through the porous limestone, making its way into the Florida Aquifer, and finally… very very slowly flows towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Bionic Beauty's trip to Devils Millhopper - A trickling stream, limestone rock, moss, liverworts

A trickling stream through limestone rock covered with mosses and liverworts

On our trek, I spotted a few native orchids (unfortunately not in bloom), some really cool aquatic plants, tiny glossy mushrooms, and more ferns than I’ve ever witnessed in one locale. It was truly a fabulous day! The only mar on the day’s perfection… I seem to have dropped/left/lost my digital camera. So if anyone found a pewter and black Olympus digital camera at the Millhopper over the weekend, could ya please send it back to me? I’ll bake you brownies and my famous banana bread! I miss my super-macro mode already for taking makeup shots. Grrrr.

Bionic Beauty at Devil's Millhopper park - Moleskine journals

Writing in my journals + surrounded by greenery = Happiness in Bionic-land.

Anyhow, let’s get on Boondoggling, shall we?
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Heading to a salon Grand Opening!

While it looks like not much happened on Bionic Beauty today, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes since 8am. Hopefully you all will benefit from the upgrades soon. I’m working on an improved navigation bar so everyone can find articles related to a specific topic in an easier and quicker manner. Also in the plans- a FAQ page and a page listing the most-popular tutorials. I’m open to other suggestions to improve Bionic Beauty, just leave your thoughts in the comments.

Now, let’s get down to a Bionic Boondoggle! For those of you who don’t know what a Bionic Boondoggle is… it’s basically a mash-up of wonderful things that caught my eye recently.

First up… the sales!

  • Get a FREE $5 gift card from e.l.f. cosmetics with a $20 purchasee.l.f. cosmetics and makeup gift card coupon code! Just use coupon code CINCO when you checkout.
  • From now through April 30th, get 25% off your entire purchase plus get FREE standard ground shipping at Sally Beauty’s website25% off coupon code for Sally Beauty supply!! Enter promo code 555919 at checkout. I know I’ll be stocking up on Ion Color Brilliance hair color! I just wish I could use this in their brick n’ mortar stores as well, but I guess we can’t have all our wishes granted.
  • YBF Skincare is celebrating their 3 year partnership with The Skin Care Shop. Between now and June 1st, YBF is giving away over $1500 of their incredible skin care products via Twitter! Head over to the YBF website for the giveaway schedule and learn how to enter!

From around the web
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Now that you all know my fave beauty products from 2009… it’s time to share some super-special news about a few of the brands!

Jeune D'age Organic Skin Care

In honor of being named on of “Bionic’s Best of 2009”, Jeune D’age Organic skincare has offered Bionic Beauty readers an EXCLUSIVE discount! Enter “BestOfBionic” (without the quotes) at checkout and you’ll get 25% off your order! Sorry but it’s only open to USA residents. This discount expires on February 14th at midnight US ET.

Seriously ladies, this line rocks. You won’t regret it. Bionic Bronnie and I are both hooked. Have questions on what you should try, or the products themselves? Leave your questions in the comments section below and I’ll get them over to Jeune D’age (or just use their contact form). Happy shopping!!

Enter to win Perricone's High Potency Eye Lift serum from Purely Cosmetics' blogEnter to win Perricone's High Potency Eye Lift serum from Purely Cosmetics' blog

Besides having wonderful makeup, Robyn from Purely Cosmetics also runs a beauty blog. She’s currently holding an amazing giveaway
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Bionic Boondoggle: The first edition of 2010

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Jan.2010 · 1 comment

I have been remiss in posting a Bionic Boondoggle for a long time. Okay, so it’s been months (and months) to be transparently truthful. Since my 2010 is finally settling down, I rounded up some of my favorite things from the interwebs this week…

Looking for a laugh? Nenette over at LifeCandy always keep me on my toes. Hilarity ensues when you mix VHS tapes, cat poop, yoga pants, and coffee into one article… Mark my words, you may need brain-floss after reading this. *wink*

Waterfall in the southern United States

Just for some "pretty" this week...

True or False? The Mineral Makeup Coach wants to know if you know your skincare myths from facts. Does oily skin need less moisture than dry skin?

Since most people love to win things, Jen at Mythbuster Beauty is holding a giveaway for a $150 gift card to SkincareRx! There are loads of ways to enter, but do so quickly because the deadline is February 8, 2010 (USA residents only).
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Bionic Boondoggle: Sales, Giveaways and Site News

by Bionic Beauty on 19.Oct.2009

I haven’t put together a Bionic Boondoggle for quite some time… but I have quite a few small tidbits of news to share, so I thought today would be perfect! There’s a huge sale at Sephora, a fantastic Mario Badescu giveaway, and a new blogroll member…

Sephora's 2009 Friends and Family beauty, makeup and cosmetics sale

First up… it’s Sephora’s Family and Friends Sale time! The sale launched today (October 19th) and runs through November 2nd. You’ll get 20% off almost all of their cosmetics, makeup, skin care, hair care, nail polish, etc.
Simply use the coupon code FF2009 when you check out. Plus orders over $50 get FREE shipping!

One bit of warning, I recommend you shop as soon as possible since this sale is so popular. It’s not uncommon for items to sell out within a few days.

Other specials at…

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