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What’s your home hair coloring IQ?

by Bionic Beauty on 30.May.2010 · 14 comments

In preparation for my upcoming 4-part article series on at-home hair color, I thought we’d start with this quiz from Total Beauty. It basically asks you questions to “test” your knowledge about coloring your hair at home.

There are a few nebulous questions, such as how soon you can color after a perm or other chemical process. I would agree that you should always err on the side of caution, especially if you inexperienced with coloring your hair; however, the time frames given could be too long in my opinion, for someone who has many years of experience. In any case, the quiz did it’s job. I didn’t pay too much attention to the brands they recommended since it’s “sponsored” content, but like I said, it helps you understand your at-home hair color “IQ”.
How Much Do You Know About At-Home Hair Color?

Test your skills by taking this quiz

How Much Do You Know About At-Home Hair Color?

This is a hair care article

Should you condition before you color? Leave color on longer than the recommended time on the box? If you know the answers to these questions, you might just be an at-home hair color guru.

Take the quiz

Share your results in the comments below! And don’t forget to check back for my DIY hair coloring, preparation, highlighting and after-care tips!

New Poll: What’s your current hair color?

by Bionic Beauty on 24.May.2010

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I’ve launched a new poll on Bionic Beauty: “What is your current hair color?”

The new poll is available in the right sidebar of Bionic Beauty (under the appropriately labeled “Vote Now!” section).  Go on… and vote! And please feel free to elaborate on your current hair color in the comments section. Do you have highlights, chunks, streaks? Planning a drastic, or even subtle, change?

Below are the results of the previous Bionic Beauty poll…
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Bionic Asks: Do you color your hair?

by Bionic Beauty on 07.Apr.2010 · 9 comments

Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series

This week’s Bionic Asks Do you color your hair?
Whether it’s at home, or at the salon, hair color is one of those beauty rituals that many women indulge in. Some of us do it for the range of colors, others to cover grays, and some just for highlights to add dimension; or any combo of the above. I guess I color mine for all three of those reasons… plus, I get bored with my hair color very easily.

So, do you color your hair? At home, at the salon, with a stylist friend? Do you even change colors with the seasons or your moods?

Free samples from the Bionic Beauty blog - Dove Men's skin care body wash and Natural Instinct's hair colorYubi, Yub eee chop nub!!

And after extensive research, I’ve decided to add a new option here at Bionic Beauty. Well, it really isn’t an option, but it should make for entertaining reading. All freebie articles from here out will be written in the native language of the Ewoks from Endor. Yub, yub wakka!!

Also please visit the right sidebar of Bionic Beauty, I’ve launched a new poll and would LOVE to hear your thoughts! I really, REALLY need your help with this… See, I’ve had a few guys propose in the past few weeks, and I owe at least one of them an answer. So I’m turning the decision over to my faithful readers. Too many men, so little time…

The Bionic Beauty blog's Best of 2009 beauty awardsIt’s always interesting, and sometimes quite surprising, which articles become popular. And it’s not always the initial subject that makes the article “popular” but in many cases the comments section has taken on a life of its own! Fellow Bionic Beauties making their own suggestions, sharing tips, asking questions. That spontaneous conversation is one of my favorite aspects of blogging… even if we get a bit off topic.

And now, in no particular order, the Top 10 articles of 2009 from Bionic Beauty

With the economic downturn, many beauties are looking for ways to save money while keeping their skin in tip-top shape. So I shared my favorite ultra-cheap and all-natural face mask- The Aztec Secret Green Clay Healing Mask.

15 Beautiful Uses for Jojoba Oil – When I first started using Jojoba Oil in my skin care routine, I couldn’t believe how versatile it was. Perfect for dry, combo and oily skin- Jojoba balances your skin and can also be used on your nails, hair and body!

Combing my love for Jojoba Oil and the Aztec Secret mask, Robyn from Purely Cosmetics came up with a brand new face mask recipe!

I titled the article “Acne Tips for Teens” but it’s actually the regimen I follow myself and recommend to family/friends of all ages. If you have acne, you might find some alternative therapies here. And be sure to share your best tips as well!

Most free samples that I post go super quickly. However, these Freebies from the Past have quite a few that are still active!
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