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Breast Cancer

The Bionic Beauty blog finds free samples of beauty and cosmetics products including John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, Dove and Aveeno hair care, Eucerin body lotion, and Maxim natural feminine products

I hit the beauty-full jackpot on freebie hunting today. Lots and lots of hair care, lotion, and girly-goodies to fill your mailbox!

Become a fan of Aveeno on Facebook and then register to receive a free sample of their Nourish+ shampoo and conditioner! You can choose from their Volumize, Revitalize, Moisturize and Shine formulas.

For those of you who missed the first round of Aveeno Nourish+ hair care freebies, they are still active!

Since we all need to remember our monthly self-breast exams– use this free Feel Your Boobies vinyl sticker to prompt you in a funny way! I’ve spotted them on cars, mailboxes and street corners. Cute slogan, and a great cause!
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New Poll: Do you rotate your hair care?

by Bionic Beauty on 01.Nov.2009 · 8 comments

Vote now in the Bionic Beauty pollI’ve launched a new poll on Bionic Beauty. Do you rotate your shampoo and conditioner between different brands?

I know some people feel their hair performs better and is more manageable if they use a different brand of shampoo. So they’ll rotate when a bottle runs out, or use another brand/type of shampoo once or twice a week. What’s your preference?

And below are the results of the previous Bionic Beauty poll… Do you get your yearly mammogram?
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You all know my infatuation with my beloved PedEgg. Well, it’s still my favorite pedicure product, ever. And now, it’s even closer to my heart! PedEgg has released a special, limited edition Pink PedEgg.

The Pink PedEgg sports the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon and $50,000 of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That’s a HUGE chunk of change that can really make a difference!

The limited edition pink PedEgg sells for $10 online at or in your local drugstore (I’ve spotted them at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walgreens and CVS).

Bionic Asks: Has breast cancer touched you?

by Bionic Beauty on 21.Oct.2009 · 3 comments

Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series

In keeping with Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought we’d open the discussion up to how Breast Cancer has touched your life.

To get things moving, I’ll start.
Breast Cancer has certainly affected my life. My aunt is a breast cancer survivor. It was earlier in life than the usual age, which makes me all the more adamant on my monthly self-exams. She’s a very strong woman, and one of my personal heroes. I’m so proud of her strength and ability to fight this horrible disease. She is the definition of “Achieving Powerful Beauty” in my opinion. She’s one of the many, many reasons that I work extra hard to raise awareness every October.

And now it’s your turn. You don’t have to use names, you can be vague or detailed, just post something about events you’ve participated in (or plan to!), or charities you support. Also, feel free to post any upcoming Breast Cancer charity events in the comments below, but be sure to include some information in case an interested reader wants to participate!

Bionic’s Pink Ribbon Manicure

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Oct.2009 · 1 comment

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I’ve been sporting a “Pink Ribbon” manicure for the past few days.

Bionic Beauty supports Breast Cancer Awareness month with a Pink Ribbon nail polish manicure

Bionic Beauty's Pink Ribbon Nails

I started with 2 coats of OPI’s Pompeii Purple nail polish and then used Duri’s Bridal Bells to draw the classic ribbon on my thumbnails.
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