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Animal Testing

I try tons of mascaras every year and the majority don’t pass muster. Hard Candy’s Ginormous Lash volumizing mascaras are ultra-affordable, don’t flake, smudge or wander; and they really do make your lashes look thicker. All for under ten bucks! The Ginormous lash mascaras come in black, bronze, silver, purple and blue. Since I adore unusual mascara colors – I picked up Dime and Purple Haze.

The Bionic Beauty blog reviews Hard Candy Ginormous Lash volumizing mascaras

Hard Candy's Ginormous Lash mascaras are a true bargain and colorful to boot!

The application wand is an exact duplicate to Dior Show’s Iconic mascara wand (Dior Show for some reason has tons of fans – it’s way too pricey for me and the formula isn’t really that great in my testing). The wand is a rubberized comb style (very similar to my beloved Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear mascara), with rubber bristles all-the-way-around. It makes the mascara easy to apply on upper and lower lashes; plus it reaches close to your lash line and into the corners.

Purple Haze looks like a bright pastel purple in the tube, but darkens on your lashes to a deeper purple after about five minutes.
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The Bionic Beauty blog finds free samples of beauty and cosmetics products - Get free guide to cruelty free cosmetics, makeup and beauty productsHere are the latest fabulous beauty and cosmetics free samples that I’ve rounded up from across the web-o-sphere.

Sign up for a free monthly guide from PETA that helps you pick cruelty-free cosmetics, makeup, and lots of other products; plus the newsletter outlines charities that are animal friendly; and businesses that have achieved the cruelty-free certification.

I hope you enjoy the guide! Do any of you pick makeup and cosmetics based on no animal testing and cruelty-free status?

cheeky me blush and brush combination

{Me} by Mezhgan is an amazing makeup line created by famed makeup artist to the stars (American Idol seasons 2-8, So you think you can dance?, Rockstar, America’s Got Talent and all the celebs and peeps behind those shows). Her philosophy is simple… you should see YOU, *not* your makeup. Sounds about right to me! 🙂

Anyhow, {me} is another makeup and cosmetics brand supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month efforts. They have discounted 2 of their popular products by over 50% and are donating a large portion of the proceeds to the Save The Ta-Tas foundation to be distributed amongst the many organizations they are involved with.
Tease me pink lip gloss

The Cheeky me blush and brush combo is a fab buy since both products normally total $55 and currently the duo is down to $25! The Tease me gloss (pink) is normally $16.50 and it’s discounted down to 7 bucks!

The blush brush in that duo has me drooling… It’s takelon, which is synthetic. Meaning no warm n’ fuzzy critter hair. I’ve been switching my brushes over to all synthetic slowly and this one is on my MUST TRY list. Plus the girly swirls and designs are tres-chic. Don’t you think?

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Critter testing in cosmetics

by Bionic Beauty on 05.Jan.2008 · 4 comments

I know some of the Bionic readers are interested in knowing which beauty and cosmetic companies Do and Do Not test on animals.

I found this resource:

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many companies are no longer testing on small n’ fuzzies! 🙂 And it never hurts to be an educated consumer.

Do any of you buy products solely on the basis that they do not test on animals?