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Bionic’s Top Mineral Makeup Tips and Tricks

by Bionic Beauty on 09.Sep.2010 · 9 comments

One of the most frequent topics that fellow Bionic Beauties ask me via email is for mineral makeup application tips. I have some tricks n’ tips scattered in the archives of the Bionic Beauty blog, but I figured it was high-time I posted compiled list of my most useful application techniques.

Using a glazed terracotta pot saucer as a mineral makeup “tray” makes application onto your brush or sponge MUCH easier. I outlined my full technique in this article and added some photographs and further details. You can pick up these glazed pot bottoms at home improvement stores for around $1-2. They are easily sanitized too!

Many women think you can only apply mineral makeup with a brush. Step outside of that thought-box and check out my review of the Beauty Blender sponge. I also included a video from Beauty Blender themselves on how to use the sponge. It took me about a week to get my technique nailed, but now it’s a breeze.

Bionic Beauty blog review - Beauty Blender sponge makeup applicator

If you’re not ready for the price of the Beauty Blender, but want to check out something similar, head to your local Target store. In the makeup aisle, you’ll find Sonia Kashuk’s blue version of this infamous makeup sponge. It usually runs around $8-$10.

In the hopes of helping you skip the awkwardness that I had when I got my first Beauty Blender, here is my step-by-step application technique
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The Bionic Beauty blog finds free samples of beauty and cosmetics products - Freebies of U by Kotex tampons, Playtex tampons, CareFree liners, a travel cosmetics bag, Herbal Essences hair care, Aveeno Nourish shampoo and conditioner, CamoCare Organic skin care, and StriVectin face serum
Happy Monday, Bionic Beauties! Here are the latest fabulous beauty-related free samples that I’ve rounded up.

Receive a free cosmetics travel bag from Garnier skin care and Latina magazine. Visit the Latina website, and enter the Garnier UPC code  603084234592 when prompted.

Grab a deluxe sized sample of the new StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks face serum. Hurry, this freebie expires on August 25, 2010!

For the ladies’ monthly visitor, be prepared with these freebies:

CamoCare Organics is offering freebies of their “Clinical anti-aging skin care”. They are super easy to request, but will probably go quick!
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11 Beauty Tips Using Q-tips

by Bionic Beauty on 10.Aug.2010 · 5 comments

Makeup tutorials, Celebrity makeup looks, money saving beauty tips from Pretty Smart
Q-tips® Cotton Swabs are an all-purpose, budget-minded beauty tool. They easily do double duty as a styling tool and precision-correction device. Here are 11 favorite uses:

  1. Whiten stained nails – Dip a Q-tip in a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Swab over fingernails and rinse after three minutes.
  2. Keep nail-polish bottles from sealing shut – Dip a Q-tip in vegetable oil and apply to the rim to to keep the bottle from sealing shut.
  3. Create your own liquid eyeliner – Twist the tip of a Q-tip to “tighten it”, then moisten with water and dip it in your favorite eye shadow to precisely line your top or bottom lids.
  4. Remove flaky skin by rubbing an exfoliating facial scrub on dry spots on small or delicate areas.
  5. Apply eye shadow, eye liner, lip stains and concealer with a Q-tip rather than expensive makeup brushes. If you roll the end of the tips between your fingers, you can create the ultimate precision tool. They are especially handy and packable for traveling!!
  6. Conceal your roots (or those stray gray hairs) – Dip a Q-tip in eyeshadow that matches your hair color and apply to your roots.
  7. Perfect your self-tan – Dip a Q-tips into self-tanner and apply to stretch marks to hide them or blend any other small spots you missed.
  8. Create the look of fuller lips – Use a Q-tips to trace the outside of your lips with translucent shimmery eye shadow to create fuller-looking lips. This is a great alternative to using a lip liner, which can often run, or not be applied properly.
  9. Keep your lip gloss sanitary – Use a Q-tips Cotton Swab to apply lip balm or gloss from pots to keep your makeup clean and germ-free. This also works well when you’re at the end of your favorite color to get the last bit out of the pot or tube.
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Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article seriesI’m in desperate need of suggestions to help me get my nail polish “collection” under control. I figured I would open up the discussion on Bionic Beauty in hopes that you all have some ideas.

My polishes currently reside in three totes. One soft sided case holds all my nail art pens, polishes, stickers, and special effects top coats (like glimmer, holographic, etc).

The second tote is an ancient Caboodle! This one holds random nail polishes in the bottom section; gloss and matte top coats in the left drawer; and my OPI Designer Series polishes in the right drawer.
Bionic Beauty's current nail polish storage totes

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Bionic Asks: How do you store your makeup?

by Bionic Beauty on 23.Jun.2010 · 21 comments

Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series

This week’s Bionic Asks… How do you store your makeup, skincare and other beauty products?
Do your favorite items sit on a shelf, on the counter, or stashed in a tote or drawer?

My main makeup case is actually a craft tote from Michael’s. I got it on sale for $10. Inside I stash my eyeshadows, palettes, concealers, tinted moisturizers, blushes, false lashes, highlighters and bronzers.
Bionic Beauty's regular makeup case - craft tote from Michaels

This shelf holds most of my absolute favorite skincare treatments; and on the far left my hair shine serums, heat protection, and conditioning sprays.
Bionic Beauty's shelf storage for favorite skin care and frequently used hair care products

Since my bathroom is small, I needed creative ways to fit more into the square footage. I found these hanging porcelain “pots”, cutlery containers, and hooks at Ikea. The hanging storage holds (from left to right):
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