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When I named Bionic Beauty, I never imagined there would be actual “bionic” makeup!  Women have applied makeup in a similar fashion for hundreds of years using brushes, fingers, sponges, cotton, and natural fibers.  Since 1930 women have had the option of permanent makeup – a tattoo that is applied to your face, eyes, or lips – but the process never grabbed mainstream attention until the 1980s.  The drawback of tattoo makeup is the lack of changeability.

Makeup needs a game-changer!  Turns out, it is here. Now.
Pax Color Change Cosmetic Implants - color changing permanent makeup

Blue Sun Research Group has developed Pax Cosmetic Implants. My best friend and research director at Blue Sun Research Group, Dr. Kate Jones, sent me an overview of their new permanent makeup cosmetic implants.

Pax implants are placed under the facial dermis during a quick, outpatient procedure and allow a woman to alter makeup colors on her cheeks, eyelids, and lips through a wireless interface. Basically you can change your makeup look from smokey eye with a nude lip to old Hollywood glamor in just a few minutes!

Pax, short for G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate, uses micro-dermal transduction of bio-luminescent liquid crystals to produce color visible on the skin’s surface. Currently there are 147 doctors in the United States authorized to perform Pax Cosmetic Implants; but the amount of doctors performing the procedure should be widespread by late October 2013.

To top it all off, this summer you’ll be able to change color on-the-go, with the Pax smart phone apps!

Will you be visiting your doctor to get the new Pax Cosmetic Implants?  And how often do you think you’d change your makeup through the day?

And after this leap forward, what’s next in the world of makeup?

Stay bionic y’all,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

Pax Cosmetic Implant side effects can include: redness, itching, swelling and discomfort at the implantation site(s); permanent or random color changes of the skin; personality changes such as aggression, akathesia, and insomnia; abnormal growth of the first bicuspids; excessive hunger; swelling of the pituitary gland, adrenal gland, and ears; and restless leg syndrome (RLS).
Why You Do Actually Need Green, Pink, and Yellow Face Powders

Brightly-colored face powders may look shocking but they’ll make your skin look amazing


Why You Do Actually Need Green, Pink, and Yellow Face Powders

This is a Makeup article

There is a new generation of face powders on the market and they certainly look . . . unique. They’re not the usual oil-absorbing powders that never matched your skin tone. These are white, green, yellow, and pink face powders so bright they can give some eye shadow palettes a run for their money. But before you automatically pass them up in the beauty aisle, listen up: Professional makeup artists swear by these new powders — and the swear that they’re fool proof. Click ahead to see which new face powders will highlight your best features and give your skin an enviable glow.

See face powders

There are a myriad of mineral makeup brands out there, and you all know I have a few favorites. I’m here to introduce you to another brand: Fusion of Color Cosmetics.

Eyes: Straw (matte shadow all across lid and up into the crease); To Cool (shimmery forest green shadow on outer third of eyelid); In Vogue (white shimmer shadow used a brow bone highlight).

Bionic Beauty review - eye shadow by Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Bionic wearing In Vogue, Straw and To Cool shadows by Fusion of Color

I’ve used Straw here as a base for my other colors. It would also make an excellent concealer, primer or matte brow bone accent! And my photographs of To Cool (the green) really don’t do it justice. It’s such a pretty shamrock color!

Fusion of Color’s eyeshadows start at $4.50 for a 1gram jar which will give you months and months of color!

Lips: Twitter Butter Lipstick
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Morning After cream blush swatch by Three Custom Color makeup

Three Custom Color’s new cream blush in Morning After is a bright, poppy pink with no shimmer. Typical of Three Custom, this blush is perfect for just about any skin tone. While it looks super bright in the compact, it applies sheer and the color can be layered on for gals with a deeper skintone.

Since my skin is fair, I just apply a small fingertip dab on each cheek and then blend it out. The result is a flush as if I just went jogging!
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