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12 Excellent and Affordable Mascaras

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Aug.2013 · 3 comments
12 Best Drugstore Mascaras

These bargain mascaras all ring in under $10, giving their thrice-as-much counterparts a run for their money


12 Best Drugstore Mascaras

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Eye-opener: Mascara of any caliber has a pretty short shelf life. Makeup professionals recommend throwing out a tube after three months to avoid transferring bacteria from the tube to your eye. That’s why a good drugstore mascara is an essential to every makeup bag. Make the most of your beauty budget by trying one of the 12 best drugstore mascaras.

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No. 12: Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Classic Curved Brush Washable Mascara, $7.77<> average reader rating: 8.6


“I have tried loads of different kinds of mascaras over the years and I keep going back to this one! This is the best I have ever used!”

No. 11: Avon WASH-OFF WATERPROOF Mascara, $6.50<> average reader rating: 8.6


“This mascara coats, defines, gives you nice color, and doesn’t smear or flake.”

No. 10: Avon SUPERFULL Mascara, $3.99<> average reader rating: 8.6


“This mascara went the distance and left no smudges, flakes, circles — nada. And at the end of the day it came off easily with makeup remover.”

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What’s YOUR favorite drugstore or super-affordable mascara???

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Bring It On: New Mascaras That Fake Faux-Lashes

by Bionic Beauty on 18.Feb.2013

Oooo… I love me some mascara “roundups”! What’s YOUR current favorite mascara???
7 New Mascaras That Put Faux Lashes To Shame

If eyes really are the windows to the soul, you better have an amazing mascara. Keep reading to find out which new wands are the best

7 New Mascaras That Put Faux Lashes To Shame

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Step away from the lash glue, your natural lashes are about to get a whole lot better. Mascaras are constantly one-upping each other, and we’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to keep track, especially when new ones are hitting the shelves all the time. To help you get the cream of the crop for 2013, we’ve done the homework and found this year’s best. If you’re adding to your collection of mascaras or just on the hunt for a new favorite, you need to check out this roundup of 2013’s best new mascaras.

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Makeup tips for cat-eye looks

by Bionic Beauty on 25.Jun.2012 · 1 comment
How to Do the Perfect Cat Eye

It may look difficult, but with this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll have the cat eye down like a pro

How to Do the Perfect Cat Eye

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The perfect cat eye can make you look more awake and enhance your natural eye shape. Plus, it is the hottest eye trend that makeup artists say is here to stay. All the celebrities have worn this baby on and off the red carpet, and with these tips from Katy Perry’s makeup artist, Jake Bailey, you can wear the look too.

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Tips for the Natural Brow Trend

by Bionic Beauty on 16.May.2012

Is anyone else growing out their brows into a more natural “trendy” (aka full) style? I’m not talking messy brows here, but groomed ones that aren’t so skinny. I started growing mine out about a year ago and now I spend a TON less time tweezing. I still go after those stray hairs every few days, but in all, it’s much easier!
Get Your Dream Eyebrows — Now

Are you sick of your thin arches? Then maybe it’s time to give the trendy, natural brow a try — see how

Get Your Dream Eyebrows -- Now

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Celebrity brow stylist Kristie Streicher says natural-looking brows can not only make you look prettier, but younger and more rested. Here are her tips for growing out your eyebrows into a natural shape.

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10 New Mascaras You Shouldn’t Miss

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Oct.2011
10 New Mascaras You’ll Love

Get the long, thick, full lashes of your dreams with these amazing new mascaras


10 New Mascaras You'll Love

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Love her or hate her, there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on when it comes to reality star Kim Kardashian: Her full, long, luscious lashes are amazing. Because few of us were blessed with those kind of eyelashes — and even fewer of us have the patience it takes to apply falsies — we rounded up the newest mascaras that can help you get Kim’s doll-like look.


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What’s your current favorite mascara? Have you tried any of the new varieties and loved/hated them?