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As you’ve probably noticed, crackle nail polish is everywhere this fall. It provides texture, peek-a-book color, and easy application. Plus you can mix and match color to your heart’s desire. The latest addition to my crackle “collection” is from Jessica Cosmetics… it’s their new Party Chic collection.

Party Chic crackle nail polish collection by Jessica

The Party Chic nail polish collection features five creamy, neon colors: On the Rocks (white), Pretty in Purple, Mint Mojito Green, Orange You Glad to See Me and Pass the Pink-tini. Wear them alone or apply a coat of the black crackle “Top It Off” top coat for a slightly punky, shattered look like in my swatches below.
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As you may recall I was impressed with the Arbonne lash enhancer I tested last month, so I was down right giddy to start using Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream.

Bionic Beauty blog review - Arbonne RE9 Advanced Firming Body Cream

To be honest, I’ve always been skeptical about firming lotions, so I have never shelled out the cash.
My first impression? The scent is off. It’s like an old lady with too much perfume. But I pushed on with testing, scooped out a bit from the tub and it applied great! It wasn’t greasy and sunk into my skin quickly.
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I try tons of mascaras every year and the majority don’t pass muster. Hard Candy’s Ginormous Lash volumizing mascaras are ultra-affordable, don’t flake, smudge or wander; and they really do make your lashes look thicker. All for under ten bucks! The Ginormous lash mascaras come in black, bronze, silver, purple and blue. Since I adore unusual mascara colors – I picked up Dime and Purple Haze.

The Bionic Beauty blog reviews Hard Candy Ginormous Lash volumizing mascaras

Hard Candy's Ginormous Lash mascaras are a true bargain and colorful to boot!

The application wand is an exact duplicate to Dior Show’s Iconic mascara wand (Dior Show for some reason has tons of fans – it’s way too pricey for me and the formula isn’t really that great in my testing). The wand is a rubberized comb style (very similar to my beloved Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear mascara), with rubber bristles all-the-way-around. It makes the mascara easy to apply on upper and lower lashes; plus it reaches close to your lash line and into the corners.

Purple Haze looks like a bright pastel purple in the tube, but darkens on your lashes to a deeper purple after about five minutes.
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Color Club’s Fall 2010 nail polish collection is divided into two groups of seven polishes each. One group is “Every Shade of Indulgence” and the other group is “Colors so Luxe, They’re Covered in Diamonds” – both are under the main collection “Untamed Luxury”. I’m starting my swatches and reviews with the Indulgence collection first… Diamonds will be up as soon as I have time to paint my nails another seven times.

Now, let’s get down to the new nail polish colors…

Pretty in Platinum

Bionic Beauty review and swatch - Color Club's Pretty in Platinum nail polish

Color Club's Pretty in Platinum nail polish

Pretty in Platinum was a bit too pale for my very light skin tone. I think it would look stunning on someone with a tan or a deeper skin color. The polish’s pigmentation is incredible – especially for such a light color! I applied only two coats and it went on as smooth as can be. The shimmery, metallic effect would be especially perfect for evening holiday parties.

Wild Orchid

Bionic Beauty review and swatch - Color Club's Wild Orchid nail polish

Color Club's Wild Orchid nail color

Wild orchid is a gorgeous color. To me, it’s an elephant gray; or perhaps reminiscent of wet cement. The color is complimented with very teeny same-colored shimmer. The only drawbacks are: 1. It was a bit slower to dry than other Color Club polishes (compared to this collection and the brand as a whole) ~and~ 2. I did have to apply my typical three coats (that’s my usual when swatching nail colors) since Orchid wasn’t as pigmented as the others.
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There were two key reasons I was excited to try Fight Back “2,” another product within the Mission Essentials line.  The first- the company is based out of Charleston, South Carolina, so their front door is just a hop, skip and jump away from my own.  And two- Charleston has bugs like no other city.  Bring on the insect repellent!

Bionic Beauty blog review - Testing Mission Essentials Fight Back - all natural bug spray and repellent

Joycey Couture puts Mission Essentials' all natural bug repellent to the Bionic test!

A little background on the company itself- Mission Essentials offers products that are paraben free, contain no sodium lauryl-sulfate (SLS) and are vegan-friendly.  They also only use earth-friendly packaging.  What’s not to love?

So there I was, an evening not unlike others, rocking on my porch chair and talking with a few of my friends.  If you’ve ever had a chance to visit the “Lowcountry,” as we call it, you’ll quickly learn that as soon as the sun sets, the bugs begin to bite.  Forks has vampires and werewolves, we have no-see-ums and mosquitoes.

I decided it was the perfect setting to test out Fight Back “2,” a 100% natural insect repellent.

I sprayed my entire body down and soon felt hungry for cereal.  It smells so much like Fruit Loops, I was certain a toucan was going to swoop down, land on my shoulder, then tell me how I needed to follow my nose.

No toucans came around, but no bugs did either. I was sold!
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