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There were two key reasons I was excited to try Fight Back “2,” another product within the Mission Essentials line.  The first- the company is based out of Charleston, South Carolina, so their front door is just a hop, skip and jump away from my own.  And two- Charleston has bugs like no other city.  Bring on the insect repellent!

Bionic Beauty blog review - Testing Mission Essentials Fight Back - all natural bug spray and repellent

Joycey Couture puts Mission Essentials' all natural bug repellent to the Bionic test!

A little background on the company itself- Mission Essentials offers products that are paraben free, contain no sodium lauryl-sulfate (SLS) and are vegan-friendly.  They also only use earth-friendly packaging.  What’s not to love?

So there I was, an evening not unlike others, rocking on my porch chair and talking with a few of my friends.  If you’ve ever had a chance to visit the “Lowcountry,” as we call it, you’ll quickly learn that as soon as the sun sets, the bugs begin to bite.  Forks has vampires and werewolves, we have no-see-ums and mosquitoes.

I decided it was the perfect setting to test out Fight Back “2,” a 100% natural insect repellent.

I sprayed my entire body down and soon felt hungry for cereal.  It smells so much like Fruit Loops, I was certain a toucan was going to swoop down, land on my shoulder, then tell me how I needed to follow my nose.

No toucans came around, but no bugs did either. I was sold!
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Bionic Review: Arbonne Lash Enhancer

by Bionic Beauty on 09.Nov.2010 · 37 comments

Bionic Beauty blog review - Arbonne Virtual Illusion eyelash enhancerI’ve never met a woman who didn’t love the idea of long, luxurious lashes. But like many women, I was not blessed with them naturally. If you were, consider yourself exceptionally lucky!

As a person with short, straight, very blonde lashes- I always jump at the opportunity to try an eyelash enhancer. So, I was tossed a tube of Arbonne’s newest Lash Enhancer to review. Goody! Per Arbonne’s website, their Lash Enhancer is a “strengthening and conditioning formula (that) revitalizes from root to tip, helping to prevent breakage and promote thicker, longer-looking lashes”.

In case you’re new to the Arbonne brand, here’s a little background:

Arbonne International was founded in 1975 by one man, Petter Mørck, and his team of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists.

Needless to say, I was excited to test out a product that derived from such smarty pants people!

Immediately, I liked the product- the application was simple, and the brush was incredibly easy to use along my lash lines. But, after the first week- I didn’t really notice any changes and honestly almost stopped using the product as I thought it was irritating my eyes.

However, when I got to the second week of testing, I realized it was just my contacts that needed changing. Oops. And so I continued using the product.

Then in week three, I started feeling my lashes brushing the surface of my glasses’ lenses. Hmm… I guess my lashes are even more see-through than I had even thought!
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Jessica Cosmetics has released their new Fall 2010 nail polish collection, “Muse”, and it’s loaded with on trend colors. In order to give all Bionic Beauties an introduction to the collection, I’ve swatched and reviewed two of the most popular colors. Like it’s namesake, it’s truly inspiring!

First up, Crimson Reflection ~ a gorgeous cranberry creme. Highly pigmented with full coverage in one coat, super easy to apply (with no cuticle drag, or tip pooling), and extraordinarily long wear. I can’t really ask for more. This is certainly my new favorite polish in the berry family.

Bionic Beauty swatch and review - Jessica nail polish in Crimson Reflection

Looking for a new berry polish? Crimson Reflection is a winner!

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Mission Essentials is an all-natural, organic skin care line that I am thoroughly testing for all the Bionic Beauties out there.

The first product I tested? Their 100% natural Eucalyptus Soap.  The smell is unbelievable and completely refreshing, perfect for a quick morning shower, and the bar never leaves a residue.

Bionic Beauty blog review - Mission Essentials all-natural Eucalyptus soap

Currently testing: All-natural Eucalyptus Soap by Mission Essentials

I fell immediately for this soap, but I wondered if the smaller size would last, as so many organic soaps don’t withstand shower steam.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that more than 3 weeks passed and my bar was still quite usable!
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Bionic Review: The Perfect Formula nail polish

by Bionic Beauty on 17.Oct.2010 · 3 comments

I recently had the chance to review and swatch a newly released line of nail polish – The Perfect Formula.

At first glance, my attention was caught by the unique bottle shape and gorgeous smokey purple color enhanced with cool lavender tones called Futurist. I’ve got many a purple polish in my nail collection, but none similar to this. Futurist is a pure creme color with absolutely no shimmer; and it works great with gloss or matte top coats. It’s perfect for your Fall 2010 manicures and pedicures!

The Perfect Formula brand nail polish review and swatch by the Bionic Beauty blog - Futurist color with gloss top coat

Futurist nail polish by The Perfect Formula with gloss top coat

I tested The Perfect Formula’s Futurist nail polish with CND’s Stickey base coat and Seche Vite gloss top coat (photograph above) and Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Matte top coat (below).
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