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Fall 2009

Urban Decay launched their “Ink for Eyes” cream eyeliners in the fall of 2009. I finally got my mitts on Zero which is a true pitch black. Five other colors round out the collection: a deep blue (Binge), forest green (Loaded), dark violet (Empire), dark cool-toned brown (Demolition) and a clear sparkly liner (Pyrotechnics).

Bionic Beauty Review - Urban Decay Ink For Eyes cream eyeliner

Bionic reviews Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes cream eyeliner

All of UD’s Ink for Eyes eyeliners come packaged in a long, thin rectangular compact complete with mirror, taklon liner brush and a sponge-tip smudger. The packaging is a bit edgy and certainly different than the typical pots of cream or gel eyeliners that I’m used too. It fits well in my purse makeup case.

Bionic Beauty Review - Urban Decay Ink For Eyes cream eyeliner

The black wasn't very inky for me... but it was super soft & smooth!

The pigmentation wasn’t as true as I had hoped- I had to apply layer after layer to get a dark smokey line. You can see from my photos that it was still slightly sheer on me. However, there was absolutely NO drag, pull or clumping thanks to UD’s new proprietary “Nylon 12” ingredient. The Nylon 12 is probably similar to the silicone or dimethicone ingredients in other eyeliners that glide on effortlessly. However, I say probably because I’m not a UD chemist, so I can’t give a definite answer.
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5 Tips and Tricks for the Matte Nail Trend

by Bionic Beauty on 24.Nov.2009

In my article comparing a variety of matte polish top coats, I promised you some tips on embracing this trend. After months of wearing matte nail polish myself, I came up with these tips to help your manicure and polish last and to get the best results possible.

Matte nail polish topcoat to create nail art

China Glaze's Recycle polish with Rescue Beauty Lounge's Matte topcoat for the designs.

  1. Try to use as little hand lotion or cream as possible. If you do apply lotion, gently wipe it off your matte nails with a soft cloth or old T shirt. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a glossy finish.
  2. Really take your time applying your colored nail polish. Focus on getting it smooth and even. Matte top coats and polishes show every little ridge, bubble and mistake.
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Fall’s big manicure trend is matte nail polish. And it seems like new matte polishes and top coats are being released every few days. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there are a ton of options for gals looking to try this trend. And it can all be more than a bit overwhelming.

To take some of the guesswork out of your wealth of options, I tested a variety of top coats and reviewed them in true Bionic Beauty fashion.

Matte Nail Polish top coat swatches and comparisons

Bionic Beauty compares the popular brands of matte polish top coats.

All the top coats are shown over Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish in Mismas (from the new “Blogger” collection – a medium purple cream).

Five fingers, 5 different top coats…

  • Rescue Beauty Lounge “Matte Top Coat” – This top coat is the best I’ve tried. It provides a true matte finish that is exceptionally long lasting.

I know this brand is very pricey and I never thought I would spend $18 on a nail polish, but they are worth saving up for a few special colors (or put a few on your wish list for the holidays!). Their nail polish lasts without peeling or chipping. Typically I can’t get through 24 hours without chips and peeling, but with RBL that doesn’t happen. Their colors are super pigmented – the purple Mismas polish I’m wearing is only ONE coat! I usually do three coats with most brands. So I’m using a third less polish.
Anyhow, the RBL matte finisher is my favorite of this bunch. It’s long lasting, protects the polish underneath, and you can lightly buff any lotion or oils off (use a soft shirt or towel) to get your matte finish back. It applies smoothly- no ridges, clumping or bubbling. $18 at

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Bionic Boondoggle: Sales, Giveaways and Site News

by Bionic Beauty on 19.Oct.2009

I haven’t put together a Bionic Boondoggle for quite some time… but I have quite a few small tidbits of news to share, so I thought today would be perfect! There’s a huge sale at Sephora, a fantastic Mario Badescu giveaway, and a new blogroll member…

Sephora's 2009 Friends and Family beauty, makeup and cosmetics sale

First up… it’s Sephora’s Family and Friends Sale time! The sale launched today (October 19th) and runs through November 2nd. You’ll get 20% off almost all of their cosmetics, makeup, skin care, hair care, nail polish, etc.
Simply use the coupon code FF2009 when you check out. Plus orders over $50 get FREE shipping!

One bit of warning, I recommend you shop as soon as possible since this sale is so popular. It’s not uncommon for items to sell out within a few days.

Other specials at…

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Target to be invaded by elf!

by Bionic Beauty on 16.Oct.2009 · 14 comments

I just found out that e.l.f. Cosmeticself cosmetics will be available in all Target stores starting November 1st! This is super news for us bargain makeup shoppers. They’ll be carrying an assortment of the $1, $3, $5, and $10 products in special black packaging exclusive to Target.

elf cosmetics comes to Target storeself cosmetics comes to Target stores

Over the upcoming holidays, Target and e.l.f. will feature the $1 Holiday Collection makeup pieces. Perfect stocking stuffers for teens, moms, and yourself. You can’t beat one dollar makeup!
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